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Tue. 11 October 2016

DanceTrippin: ADE exclusive preview

Nadya Georgieva



It’s that time of the year again. The entire electronic music community gathers in one place for a one of a kind event, known to make heads spin and hearts beat with excitement. Amsterdam Dance Event brings an intensity like no other, and to kick off this year’s pinnacle event programme, we mark the start of a series of articles dedicated to the event of the year, starting with a background of the music conference and insight into the full spectrum of platforms and events on offer throughout.


We often completely forget or disregard how many different elements are involved in creating, sustaining and innovating the infrastructure of global electronic music and culture. A world that has been growing exponentially in every possible aspect, and most of all with a fan base only gaining in size and dominance. To remember these key components, we’ve immersed ourselves into exploring the past and the present, combining with others in the industry such as professionals and delegates from all over the world. All gathering to share experiences, visions, opinions on various topics related to music and exciting future plans.


It is our favourite time of the year here at DanceTrippin, being enabled the opportunity to shoot and broadcast many exciting new episodes right here on our doorstep. Featuring in these episodes are world famous artists, as well as underground kings and pioneer legends, all bringing their A-game to the table. Within the short period of 7 days, Amsterdam will transform itself into a throbbing platform of global talent, offering an extensive program provided to us by a diverse range of musicians, event organizers, producers, music professionals, artists, booking and PR agents, managers and all the other major influencers in the game.


Without a further a do, we give an insight what Amsterdam Dance Event truly means ot us here at DanceTrippin.


Those fortunate enough to have experienced ADE already will be aware of the craziness in store, with thousands of DJs over hundreds of venues joining forces at the same time, dotted around the city. While this may be the focal point come the evening, first and foremost the festival’s most important aspect is the business gathering and the formation of The Playground. Spreading across De Brakke Grond, the legendary Compagnietheatre, Felix Meritis, the Dylan and Tolhuistuin, the Playground will offer numerous events to its visitors, among which will be movie screenings, business and networking lounges, DIY workshops, open lectures, gear demonstrations and Q&A sessions with experienced artists and producers from different genres.


In our opinion the Playground is the skeleton of Amsterdam Dance Event. It is the connecting point of everyone participating in the core of the industry, and it is the place where strategies are discussed, ideas are born and experiences exchanged. One can call it the emergence of progress.


We have been particularly intrigued by the Ableton Master Classes, the Roland Drum machines workshops, Pioneer Music talks and and all the gear testing in the labs. ADE continues to provide something for everyone, with focus on the loyal analog and digital freaks.


Another important aspect of the relentless clubbing experience that’s covered by ADE Beamlab,  is the significance of  visuals within the industry. Next to that are also motion graphic designers and live video operators. For everyone dedicated to art related to music, there will be a range of fascinating exhibitions across the entire Playground at this year’s programme. This will also include pop-up stores found around town, as well as our DanceTrippin team having the pleasure of KOMPAKT. bringing their finest record selection, as well as Spinnin’ records’ and Urbanears.


The best part about the Playground is the accessibility,  not only to ADE delegates and industry professionals, but also anybody who wants to check it out and dive deeper. DanceTrippin advises that you purchase the ADE Card for full coverage and extensive access to exclusive ADE content, such as events, discounts and a range of in-side material at your disposal.

Stay tuned with DanceTrippin TV for our exciting coverage of the world’s music Mecca. Keep an eye out for features on events, parties, live updates and more.