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Thu. 27 October 2016

DanceTrippin asks... Alle Farben ADE review

We had the pleasure of talking to Alle Farben during this years Amsterdam Dance Event. Heres what the man of the hour had to say about the festival, the city, his gigs and much more.

  1. Firstly, how much were you looking forward to this year's Amsterdam Dance Event?

A lot, it is good to be back. ADE is always a pleasure. I like the city, the people and the atmosphere here. Also electronic music is much more important in the Netherlands than in other countries.

  1. You have just performed at Pleinvrees ADE with Suol X Fritz Kalkbrenner event, with a host of big names joining you on the night. How much are did you enjoy this?

I am thankful that my friends at Pleinvrees invited me for their ADE party. Also I loved seeing so many familiar faces. The party was great for sure.

  1. Your CatBearBunny creation, an extension of you as an artist, blends many genres together including soft touches of classical and swing. Where did the concept of CatBearBunny originate from, and what influences along your journey have influenced your music style?

My brother originally created the catbearbunny. It originated from a small GIF, that he made for my MySpace page at that time. Soon we started developing small comics with the character and over time it became a steady companion for me. The catbearbunny has complete freedom, freedom that I sometimes do not have. As the character is neither a cat, a bunny or a bear, we just called it CatBearBunny.

My personal musical journey has been influenced by artists such as Trentemøller, The Cure and Depeche Mode. As a DJ I could always try different things, and as I learned that people like my style, I became more confident with it. Also, travelling has a large influence on my music style.

  1. This year has been a very successful one, releasing your album 'Music Is My Best Friend' earlier this summer. Are you pleased with how this year's panned out?

Yes, absolutely. My first single “Please Tell Rosie” really took off in the radio and also in the charts.  Also I had a great festival season with a fantastic closing show at the Lollapalooza in Berlin, where we shot the music video for my new single “Bad Ideas”. Now I am curious what the club season, which has already started, will be like.

  1. Being from Berlin, you've played in many different countries and continents around the world. But do any of these parties compare to Berlin, and if so how is it different?

As much as I like different countries and continents, I think there is only one city that is comparable to my hometown Berlin, and that is New York City. The city has a similar flair and a similar way of life. Regarding the artists, it’s simply a melting pot of people who create things. Apart from that, NYC clearly is much much bigger than Berlin and that makes it so different on the other hand.

  1. In a music world predominantly focused on digital and not analogue, do you have a preference between the two?

I have always played my DJ shows with turntables, allthough I switched from “real” vinyls to Traktor Scratch a couple of years ago. I like the haptic feeling, the options that vinyl gives you and the way of DJing much more than playing with CDs or the Laptop. So I would definitely go with analogue. Sadly it is getting more difficult to get properly working turntables in most clubs nowadays. Production wise the digital technology on the other hand is really great, becauce one does not have to record an orchestra for using a string sample. The possibilities with DAWs are amazing.

  1. What's your studio set-up like? How do you both get the maximum output of a studio session?

I closely work together with different artists, such as YOUNOTUS or Perttu. Getting together as creatives is a very good way to get “the maximum output” of a studio session.

  1. Aside from electronic music, what is your favourite thing to do or aspect about Amsterdam? Is there anything you've been meaning to do?

I enjoy the parks and the rivers in Amsterdam. Also the food is very nice here.

  1. What else is on the cards for Alle Farben 2016 and beyond? Do you have any exciting EPS/collaborations coming up?

I will play a small album tour in November and December with 6 major shows. My new single “Bad Ideas” has just been released and I already work on some projects to be announced around Christmas.

  1.  Is there anything long-term in the future you're inspired to achieve?

I would love to play at the Burning Man Festival. This is a long-time goal that I haven’t achieved yet.