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Tue. 18 October 2016

DanceTrippin asks... Sam Paganini


Just in time before his first ever b2b set with Z∅e at this Saturday’s DAY-ON festival (which will be exclusively covered by our DanceTrippin team) we caught up with Italian Drumcode maestro, Sam Paganini. We discussed a range of interesting topics, none other than his busiest week to date - a staggering 5 shows, 4 days, in 3 different countries. Get that excitement building with our exclusive Q&A.

Firstly, how much are you looking forward to this year's Amsterdam Dance Event?
A lot! A cool place to meet people and doing parties, along with Sonar in Barcelona it is my fav conference and dance event in the world.

We can't wait for this Saturday when you'll be taking on the Amsterdam crowd together for the DAY-ON festival, making your first appearances as a world-premiere b2b pair. How excited for this are you?
Super excited, especially because it won’t happen again so often, the idea is to do only a couple of performances a year, not more, something really special.

Next week will be a busy one for you Sam, playing at Awakenings Drumcode on Thursday, then at the Sunday closing party for 20 YRS Cocoon with Sven Vath. Is this one of busiest schedule of events this year for you?

Actually I will play in France and Germany too during the weekend, so 5 shows in 4 days (3 different countries), so as I remember it will be the busiest one yes.


The recent release of your first track 'The Beat' was your first creation together on Drumcode Records. Is this just the start of many more?
Let’s see. It happened really naturally, I had the backing instrumental track and I was searching for some vocals to add on it, so I asked Zøe to record some vocals too and we chose the one you hear on the track “and dance to the beat”.


Packed with plenty of attitude and groove, what major influences helped shape your musical style as a pair?
Passion for the music and love. We love more or less the same kind of music, not only electronic or dance.

It wasn't too long ago that we were having fun at your Loveland Barcelona night Sam. Did you enjoy the rest of your summer?Absolutely, it has been packed full of great shows and festivals, my best summer so far! I’m living a dream and I’m really grateful to the fans showing me so much love.


Sam currently stands as the only Italian artist to release under his own name on 3 labels ( Plus8, Cocoon and Drumcode). How proud of this accolade are you?
A lot! As I said I’m finally living a dream, after a long long journey. I started djing many years ago at the age of 15, Plus8 was one of my reference record labels at the time. I was buying everything with the Plastikman logo, then Cocoon and Drumcode marked my way so you can imagine how happy I was to have the chance to work with my heroes. I’m very lucky to do what I do and I don’t wanna forget it.  


Is it exciting to apart of Drumcode considering the soaring rise in popularity and success it has received over the past few years?Yes indeed. Adam is doing a great job and I’m grateful to him.


What country has provided the craziest party so far for you?
Ahhh, not an easy question, as I already said during the summer I had a lot of great parties, lot of different countries, nice people, sharing passion for music, love. It is the best job in the world. I love Europe, we are doing the best parties and festivals in the world but also South America is incredible,  with Argentina i have a “special connection”.


In a music world predominantly focused on digital and not analogue, do you have a preference between the two?
Analog, is warmer but it is all about feelings.


What's your studio set-up like? How do you both get the maximum from your skills?
I always try to do that, I mean, I know my limits, I’m not a genius so I’m trying always to be very unbiased, objective and strict with my own work. I love musicians who are able to bring out the maximum of their skills even they are not gifted with great artistic talent. I’m currently working on Cubase 7.5, recording with an Universal Audio Apollo 16 and summing the audio with a Dangerous 2 Bus. So analog and digital. The sounds comes from my hardware vintage collection keys like Minimoog, Juno 106, Tb303 just to name a few but I also love and use some software and plugins like Arturia or Native Instruments.


Aside from electronic music, what is your favourite thing to do or aspect about Amsterdam? Is there anything you've been meaning to do?
Amsterdam is a beautiful city, Netherlands and all the people there are really cool, not the best weather sure, I’m Italian :-) but i could live there, let’s see in the future.


What else is on the cards for Sam Paganini and Zøe 2016 and beyond? Can you let us in on any exciting EPS/collaborations coming up?
Who knows, let’s see…


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