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Wed. 19 October 2016

DanceTrippin asks... Steve Parry

Just in time before the UK veteran descends on Amsterdam for his eagerly anticipated Selador x Sincopat party, we stopped by for an insight into the past 25 years of his star-studded career. Enjoy our latest intallment of DanceTrippin asks...


Firstly, how much are you both looking forward to this year's Amsterdam Dance Event?
I always get excited about ADE - I love Amsterdam, and there are so many industry friends I'll meet up with. On top of that some amazing parties - including our own Selador and Sincopat party!


You established yourself in the early 90's scene, with a career spanning over 25 years. What major influences would you say have helped shape your sound and style of today?
I just like to keep moving forward musically and keeping with the times, yet still remaining musically in my own sound - I think I always ‘sound like me’ when I’m playing if that makes sense?
I always like to look out side my musical styles too - see what else is happening - I like all kinds of music from chill out to techno and a lot in-between. I think its good to have broad musical horizons, keeps you on your toes!


As a radio host, your Red Zone show ran for 10 years on Juice FM featuring the hottest tracks with world-class DJ guests. Do you feel like you've always been apart of the new generation of DJ/producers utilising the modern, online world?
I loved my Red Zone radio show - was a dream job - and I cant believe I got away with it for a decade on a local FM radio station! I love to play music to people, to see if they get the same excitement from hearing a track that i do. I also like introducing new DJ’s to people. I find it all exciting and fresh.
With regards to being cutting edge - I've never quite thought of it like that really - I just like to do what I do, and if others like it, well that's a bonus!


Steve, you've been running Selador Records with close friend Dave Seaman, and at this year's ADE you're involved in the Selador vs Sincopat party with a host of big names joining you on your label's night. How have the past few years been for you with Selador, particularly with it celebrating it's 50th release?
I've worked in the industry a long time, and it was the one big thing I had never done - running a label. I was delighted to set it up with Dave.. I am quite well connected - but when you have somebody like Dave on board, he manages to open up a whole new set of doors to things.
I’ve loved everything about Selador - its very hard work, but also extremely enjoyable - and its all done for love - there's so little money in underground dance music labels (if any money really!?) - it's a hobby that I properly buzz off doing. We have to fit the label in along side our other jobs and families, radio shows, gigs etc - and I wish I could spend more time doing the label… one day!
Its been a big learning curve for me, and I learn new things every day about the Record industry. I still very much class myself as a beginner as a label manager, and it still gives me that excitement finding a new track - signing it - sorting remixes etc - I’m like a kid in a sweet shop with it all.
Its quite freaky to me that We’ve released over 50 times already - It doesn't seem that long ago that we were discussing the idea of Selador…


Next week you'll both be playing in Amsterdam, do you think there's a unique vibe about playing in this city?
I've never played Amsterdam! I’m always excited to play a new city! Very excited as its ADE week and lots of friends and music mates will be popping along, I have a few new goodies to play at our party that nobody has heard yet…


Over the course of your career, you've played across many different countries and continents. Where has been the most crazy? Or, is there no place like home?
Mexico is always crazy - I love playing there - but Liverpool gigs, my home town always have something special about them for me.


In a music world predominantly focused on digital and not analogue, do you have a preference between the two?
I play digital nowadays, it took me longer than most to switch from vinyl (as I worked ina Record Shop called 3 Beat, so i clung to my roots) - but I loved the vinyl days - the exclusivity of trying to find that old gem on vinyl was magical to me - or pestering a label for them to send you a test pressing!


What else is on the cards for Steve Parry? Do you have any exciting EPS/collaborations coming up?
I’m remixing for Selador at the moment, its a vocal track from Joal, hoping to have it finished to play at ADE. I've got a few originals 95% done as well - so maybe for Selador or maybe for another label - time will tell.


Is there anything long-term in the future you're inspired to achieve?
I would love to get back in to having live weekly radio shows - the dream job would be something like BBC 6 Music (not that I’m aiming high or anything haha).
I would like to be making more music, and to keep pushing Selador - which in turn could lead to more gigs...