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Tue. 8 November 2016

Distinct Manchester say Thank You! to their friends with a free EP

24 hour party people under the name of Distinct Manchester have quickly made a name for themselves as one of the most important characters in the cities electronic music scene. The first milestone, 1000 facebook likes, was easily met and exceeded. Now its time to celebrate!

After launching just 6 months ago, Distinct Manchester have brought names such as Dan Farserelli & Samu.l to the rainy city, and with bookings locked for Fuse regular Fabe for 11th November and a UK debut for Romania’s young pretender Mihai Pol, alongside In Haus Wax’s TIJN in December, the burgeoning party shows no signs of letting up. Always thankful for the continuing support from people who have joined the brand at one of their parties, or listened to their podcasts, the Distinct Manchester team celebrate 1,000 Facebook likes by giving something back to those that have made it all possible, in the form of a free EP from the residents.

The tracks are entitled A and B and omit artist names, a move made to ensure the EP is just about the music, a concept used to simply display what the Distinct Manchester sound is all about. The two tracker demonstrates the stripped back minimal grooves you can expect to hear from the brand. A is full of atmosphere and heads-down beats, while B displays the sort of intricate percussion and clever synthwork you are likely to hear at a Distinct night.

Download the tracks from Distinct Manchester’s Soundcloud page now: