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Thu. 4 May 2017

Q+A with AnGy KoRe

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1. Can you tell us about your musical beginnings?
It’s hard to define the beginning, I was in love with the music since forever.
I just think about one of my first memory… I was 6, probably not able to write yet, but already recording music from the radio on tapes! Then I realized how the music was able to give me emotions, and that I couldn’t live without it.

2. You  had a lot of gigs in Germany recently, how’s it. like to play there? 
Germany is a place that welcomed me like a son.When we talk about electronic music Germany for me is the world center, and for sure the place with the most developed clubbing culture.I love to play here and this is also one of the reasons why I moved from Rome to Frankfurt.

3. Within the last four years, you have also dropped a lot of quality music on numerous labels – how do you manage to keep up such a high frequency of quality releases?
I have the opinion that for a good track you don’t need more than one day. When you catch the idea you have to extend it fast before it evaporates, and when you work too much on a project you risk to destroy it. That’s why I produced so many tracks, because I need only a few time to create them.So at last, when I feel that what I’m creating sounds good... and Voila',  I release it!

4. Many big artists use your music in their sets – Joseph Capriati, Umek, Richie Hawtin to name a few – what are your thoughts on that?
Of course I’m proud when I see that my tracks are appreciated and supported, independently from who’s using them, international superstars, or local  djs.
It's always a pleasure when somebody likes your job.

5. When and how did you decide to perform under this alter ego (AnGy KoRe)?
I produced hardstyle till 2008 with the name of Angel D. When I had my first approach to techno I decided to create my alter ego AnGy KoRe from my citizen name: Angelo Del Core, modifying it to be more fluid. 

6. You have just started a new imprint called Himmel. Can you tell us a bit more about it?
As you said I’m well known for being so active with my releases, producing without limits like a kind of industrial machine…But in my last 2 years I had a kind of break, probably because I squeezed too much my ideas, so I preferred to stay relaxed instead of creating trivial projects. After this long break I felt like a volcano full of ideas ready to explode, and I started again to produce one track after another. 
I had two options: continue to give tracks to the million of labels existing already, or create something fresh, something personal and creative… I chose the second option, so I decided to create my own label, a label born with the concept to release only my own productions, that I baptized with the name of Himmel.

7. You also have a new Album set to release on the 8th of May – Clarion. What’s the story behind it? 
More than two years ago I met my actual girlfriend playing in a club called MTW, in Frankfurt. It was love at the first sight, but at that time I was living in Rome and it was hard to keep this relationship.
Anyway I wanted to meet her again and again, and to make this possible I had to come to Frankfurt as often as possible. Here in Frankfurt I booked all the time a room in a hotel called Clarion, close to the main station. So I can say that for me this was a kind of second home in Frankfurt. I decided to call my album Clarion in memory of that time and those magical moments.

8. And as for the track we're premiering, 'Tamago', anything to say about it?

To be honest, at the beginning, Tamago was not the track I was hyper proud of. It was one of the first tracks I created after my long break, so I can say that I was not so “worked out”.
Anyway I started to try it at my gigs, and I discovered that probably this is one of the most powerful out of the album. Everytime i play it, there is a strong reaction on the dance floor!

9.How would you describe your music to a casual electronic music fan?
Without rules, not following the trend, and especially original. When I make music I try to create what I have in mind, and not in which direction the market is turning for the moment.

10. Are there more music plans in store after the release of Clarion?
Yes, I’m working on a parallel label called Luft, in  collaboration with an emergening, very talented producer named Gabriel Padrevita and together we already planned a series  of interesting collaborations, based on an innovative sound!

11. We know you make the best tracks in the studio, but what is your best dish in the kitchen? 
Eheh, I’m Italian and as you can imagine the food is all and untouchable. Anyway I’m a real crap to cook, except potatoes!
I prepare potatoes: fried, boiled, roasted…in every existing form, but only because I can’t survive without them! They're amazing!