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Mon. 24 October 2016


Team Fabric on the latest developments and future active engagement of you, dear DanceTrippers :

As we await the outcome of fabric’s court appeal, I would like to reach out to everyone again to ask for your help. Throughout the #savefabric campaign, the club’s message has reached a wider audience through the support and public voice of The Night Time Industries Association.

The NTIA is a body that was established to protect, support and celebrate our thriving UK night culture and aims to tackle the unfair treatment of venues across the UK. As the case with fabric shows, this work is vital in preventing the ongoing destruction of nightlife as we know it.

I want to ask everyone to support them to make sure this does not continue. The main thing you can do to help the NTIA is by visiting and signing the petition, and by spreading the word with the #savenightlife hashtag.

Every signature automatically generates an email to be sent to your local MP and councillor. It’s important we get together to do this to put pressure on our MPs and make sure our feelings on this issue are clear.

Many councillors get elected in their wards through only a small number of votes. Having a collective body of people expressing the importance of nightlife can have a big impact, and also help to influence MPs who are responsible for discussing the issue in Parliament.

The NTIA lobbies Government and Local Councils whilst working closely with the Mayor of London’s office in defending the interests of our industry. They are the industry’s representative and they speak for all of us.

It’s so important that we now give them all our support. Getting together to express our voice will help enormously in shaping the outcome of how nightlife is both perceived and treated in the UK. fabric and the NTIA will be stronger with our support. Please sign the campaign at