Valentino Kanzyani | Mioritmic Festival 2017 (Romania)

DJ Set #561

October 2017
Event / Location
Mioritmic Festival / Cluj-Napoca, Romania

At Mioritmic Festival 2017, Romania, Slovenian hero Valentino Kanzyani  brought out all the tricks to satisfy the local crowd. The underground maestro has had appearances on DT before, this time with smooth and minimal sounds. Tune in to his Deep House and Minimal Tech vibes, signature for the Mioritmic and Romanian crowd.


01 00:01:22 Paolo Rocco
Journey in Your Mind
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02 00:04:46 Jorge Savoretti, Juan Zolboran
Ghost Dub
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03 00:09:10 Adryiano
Moccassin Groove
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04 00:12:30 Yanee
Face to Face (Arapu)
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06 00:19:20 Edward Ean
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08 00:26:35 Meffer & Sannikow
Konstabler Hill (Arapu)
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