Raresh & Praslea | Sunwaves (Romania)

DJ Set #241

August 2011
Raresh & Praslea
Event / Location
Sunwaves / Mamaia (Romania)

Raresh & Praslea team up on the ones, twos, threes, and fours, and deliver an amazing set of truly underground music to a very appreciative crowd of highly enthusiastic party people at Sunwaves in Mamaia, on the Black Sea coast of Romania.

01 00:00:07 Rrose
Pointilism (Variation One)
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03 00:08:49 Fred Nassen
Static (Belgium !)
04 00:12:07 Orange Muse
Oyster (John Selway Raw Remix)
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05 00:16:46 Know this track? Tell us
06 00:21:57 Aril Brikha
Groove La Chord
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07 00:27:46 Roman IV
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08 00:31:14 Daniel Stefanik
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09 00:35:41 Akabu ft Linda Clifford
Ride The Storm (Rob Rives Dub Mix)
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10 00:39:27 Underworld
Little Speaker
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11 00:46:33 Gene Farris
The Real Beats (Dub Mix)
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12 00:49:22 Marc Antona
Fast Track
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14 00:58:13 Endian
Two Chords Deep
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