Technasia | Untold Festival (Romania)

DJ Set #618

August 2018
Event / Location
Untold Festival / Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

Technasia took over the decks for an hour and embarked on a heavy, tech-house oriented journey. A hard-hitting set consisting of spine-tingling melodies ensuring no one is standing still. Check out his set recorded in the summer of 2018 for Untold Festival, one of Europe's most prominent festivals.

01 00:00:00 Andrew Meller
Godfather's Dance
02 00:01:10 Will Clarke
Take A Seat
03 00:05:30 Mr G
Legged Donkey (Rsd dub)
04 00:09:30 Bimas
Always We Can Do It
05 00:11:50 Harry Romero
Jack Yo Body
06 00:15:10 Catz 'N Dogz & Joseph Ashworth
Catz 'N Dogz & Joseph Ashworth - Factory Settings
07 00:18:20 Know this track? Tell us
08 00:22:50 Know this track? Tell us
09 00:25:20 Marlena Shaw
Woman Of The Ghetto (Catz 'n Dogz)
10 00:29:00 Lui-, Arialdo
Deeepeeer (DJ Fronter)
11 00:32:40 Know this track? Tell us
12 00:36:00 Technasia
I Am Somebody
13 00:41:00 Know this track? Tell us
14 00:44:00 Know this track? Tell us
15 00:47:10 Carloh
On The Way
16 00:51:00 Catz 'N Dogz, Joseph Ashworth
Factory Settings
17 00:54:00 Know this track? Tell us
18 00:58:00 Egbert
Lachgas (Carlo Lio)
19 01:04:20 Ecco
Cream Caramel
20 01:08:00 Leonardo Gonnelli, Jesters

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