DanceTelevision turns into a special #StayHomeFestival channel during this global quarantine period to entertain party goers while spreadin awareness on vital social distancing behaviour adoption to save lives!  Join #StayHomeFestival, followe our latest news and submit your video streams on

What is this?

#stayhomefestival is an initiative by DanceTelevision and is a collaboration between artists and events around the world (as well as ourselves) to create awareness about the importance to self isolate but also provide you the best music to keep yourself entertained and don’t go nuts in these weird times.

Our aim is to raise awareness within the dance music community on how best to stay safe while supporting the artists and events in our beloved scene. Links to resources of credible information on social distancing, flattening the curve, and doing what we can to mitigate the threat while coming together to support everyone, including those in the industry who are affected by the outbreak.

It’s effectively a 24/7 channel featuring the best music video content from around the world and a bit of a silver lining in these dark days!

Why do I need to stay home?

In short: because you don’t want to be a d*ck.

You can’t have missed the news, there’s a global pandemic going on. COVID-19 is a serious beast that needs to be tamed. Best way to do so is to flatten the curve. And to flatten the curve, we need to socially distance ourselves. And the best way to do so is to stay home. We’ve heard about people organising ‘Fuck Corona’ parties. Those people probably think the virus won’t affect them and that may even be the case. But what about the vulnerable ones out there, like your (grand)parents, your friendly neighbour or basically anyone who’s poorly? This stuff is very, very real [Live global data:

There’s a reason why all events (all over the world) have been canceled or postponed. 
But just tune in to our 24/7 stream and your days may be a little sunnier then they were before!

What can I do?

Other than #staythefuckthome?

Follow the World Health Organization’s advice. You can help spread the word about #stayhomefestival on your socials and you can donate to the World Health Organization

Are you an artist and want to share your music performance on our 24/7 channel? We’d love to talk to you. Please get in touch.

Anyway, enough talking, start dancing (at home)!


What’s on?


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