Young and dedicated to the way of the unconventional, ANOTR brings something new and different, compared to the norm, for the most dedicated of electronic music fans.

Jesse van der Heijden and Oguzhan Guney have joined forces to create what we know as the faces behind the DJ and producer group, ANOTR. You can see the Amsterdam based DJs playing their energetic sets and edgy music in various parts of the beautiful cultural Dutch city.

Heijden and Guney have released multiple tracks over the last few years under some of the biggest Label names in the industry, for instance Material and Snatch and Avotre which are just to mention a few. Due to the great success of these releases the young duo decided to start their own label and in 2017 NO ART was created. Since then, ANOTR have released several - some of them being their most famous - tracks and EPs on their label.

There is no stop for the innovative DJs and producers and they have been gracing some of the most famous stages in Europe. Recently the talented duo have featured DJ sets on stages such as Ultra Resistance, Awakenings and Tomorrowland as well as having performed many gigs in high end clubs.

We look forward to seeing what ANOTR has to bring us next !