Moonbootica - Save the Night - 2009

We walk like a ghost
We learn dances brand new dances
Like the nuclear bomb
When were nightclubbing
Bright white clubbing
Oh isnt it wild?
-Iggy Pop-

The much loved all-night-dance-party duo that is Moonbootica are back with the third installment in their highly praised mix series. ‚Save The Night‘ follows on from ‚DJ Sounds Good‘ and ‚... And Then We Started To Dance,‘ which spread their name and unique talents ever further.... The duo have since become synonymous with high quality, high energy dance parties that have made them a household name in Germany and beyond!
This very special double CD package features nearly three hours of finely mixed auditory pleasures, including two new and exclusive tunes from the guys (‚The Ease‘ & ‚Men of the Future‘), and many more special edits, remixes and surprises along the way. Its really a surprise trip too, encompassing everything between electro-house-disco-funk-minimal and more....! The selection process for this DJ mix-extraordinaire was complex, from the heart and totally personal. The style police are powerless - Moonbootica turn it all upside down and show them how it should really be done!
Kicking things off with an addicitve energy that only the men from the Moon can offer, CD1 starts the party straight away with tasty tracks from the likes of Bodymovin, Anton Pieete, Adam Freeland, Evil Nine, Alex Metric and more besides... Highlights being Moonbootica‘s first exclusive track for the comp, the shaking synth attack of ‚The Ease‘, Hey Today‘s freakin‘ ‚Wonderman‘, or the ‚Bootica guy‘s own remix of Bodymovin‘s filter-frenzy - ‚Everybody‘. Lively, generously selected tracks and a who-whos of the worlds top club producers ensure this first CD will keep things non-stop-rocking. Seamlessly mixed, CD 1 presents an eclectic and non-stop ride through the world of Moonbootica. Suggesting the delights that might lie in store if you check them out live in the club, it leads nicely onto the second stage of the mix.
And CD2 holds even more treasures.... taking things a little psychedelic at first, with trippin‘ cuts from the likes of Martin Czubala, Lemos and Kasper Bjorke (Catz‘N‘Dogz mix), before soaring back into their trademark hybrid disco floorshow, with Turntablerocker‘s interpretation of ‚Everybody‘ paving the way towards club smashing territory. The second new gem from Moonbootica comes shortly after in the shape of ‚Men Of The Future‘, and opens the galactic floodgates for a sweet and stellar second half of the mix, with later highlights from John Daly and Rodriguez Jr, before a fitting conclusion in the shape of Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt‘s heartbreaking ‚Someone Told Me‘.
Showing off every corner of this dynamic and lovable duo‘s passions for cutting-edge club vibes, ‚Save The Night‘ marks a milestone in the remarkable 10 year long career of these two devoted music activists from Hamburg... Swathed in good spirits, and drenched in high-quality dancefloor action, you‘ll be hard up to find a hotter mix this summer! So nightclubbing we always will be..! Save The Night!

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