Alex Romano


Alex Romano was born in Haarlem,The Netherlands. At the age of fourteen he discovered he had a thing for disco music. Some of his favourite producers/remixers of this period were Shep Pettibone, Larry Levan, Patrick Adams and Francois Kevorkian.

At the end of the eighties he grew an interest for house music. By this time he also started Djing at several house parties.

In 1991 Alex met his, now best friend, Olav Basoski with whom he produced his first releases and co-produced several tracks for Olav's Samplitude series. After a few years of keeping a low profile and refueling himself he came back in 1999 to produce several releases as Johnny King (and under some other names) on different record labels. As you will be able to hear, Alex never lost his passion for Disco.

In 2003 Alex Romano produced the first release on Rootz Records, "Penetration".

When his bootleg of Nu Rhythmix's Babylon got bigger than life in local clubs around Amsterdam, Grant Nelson himself decided to pick the track up to re-release it on his imprint Swing City. 2005 started off great, with remixes for Roger Sanchez's label Stealth and new releases on Rootz Records.

Best known for their occasional get togethers on Basoskis Samplitudes and with a friendship thats lasted a lifetime already. Their sound was sculpted throughout the late 80's and early 90's when all hell broke loose over a new thing called housemusic. Building on the grounds of their musical history, they promise to push their own boundaries further than ever before, serving their solid fan-base with what they think is true, no-nonsense do-what-you-wanna-do-as-long-as-you're-having-fun housemusic! Housemusic is what they do, it's their rootz. You can expect funky, groovy and electro tunes.

D-SOULZ are Dutch production and DJ trio Alex Romano, Sebastian Davidson & Licious K. They are already responsible for a serie of high profile original solo productions and remixes. By spending their talents together in the studio, 2006 sees the release of their first tune which was as promo already received very well by international djs.

Behind the decks their unique driving house tunes provides an energetic and soulful atmosphere. Its an exciting time for D-Soulz and stay tuned.... you can expect a lot more to come from this dynamic D(utch)-Soulz trio!