Anthony Pappa

Hailing from Melbourne Australia, 26 year old Anthony Pappa is leading the pack of new young DJ's while taking over the world with his hard progressive sound.

Pappa cut his DJing teeth in Melbourne at the tender age of 13 at a friends birthday party then went on to win a DMC mixing competition at 15 which gave him the opportunity to play in clubs all over Australia. After meeting Sasha, John Digweed and Dave Seaman whilst playing on the same bills in Australia, Anthony came to the realisation that the only way to further his career was to move half way around the world to Britain, a big step at only 21, but the gamble has paid off. Anthony had to accept the fact that after playing to crowds of over 8000 people in Australia, when he arrived in Britain he would have to wait and work his way up the ladder and this he has done.

Pappa established himself over here playing wide ranging sets of funky tech- house and non commercial trance which earned him the honour of mixing Renaissance Volume Two and the Best of Platipus albums in 1999. Alongside his DJing, Anthony has been producing in the studio under various guises, scoring a top twenty hit by layering the vocal from Power Circles, A Little Love A Little Life, over his remix of Offshore by Chicane and seeing chart action once again as one half of Freefall (with Alan Bremner of Brothers In Rhythm) with the track Skydive on Stress records, more recently picked up by Renaissance for a re-release.

Recently Anthony has been working with Barry Gilbey of Sheffield based Choo Choo Records after a chance meeting when Anthony's usual studio partner was unavailable to finish a remix of "I Trance You" by Gypsy. Anthony's relationship with Choo Choo has gone from strength to strength and he has mixed their first compilation album, Choo Choo Volume One, which is due for release in September 2000.

A firm believer in letting his music and mixing speak for itself, Anthony during a recent DJ magazine interview commented "When the needle drops the bullshit stops. That's it, end of story, period" and it is a banner that Anthony will continue to carry forward and believe in during his now inevitable rise to the very top.

Anthony's talent and potential are now well bounded exponents on the dance music scene, so much so that Andy Horsfield and James Todd from Boxed/Global Underground recognised his unique talent and kicked off their brand new "Nu - Breed" series by asking Anthony to mix the flagship release in the series.

Taking full advantage of the summer season, Anthony has recently travelled to Israel, the USA, Ibiza, Hungary and Scandinavia receiving rapturous responses and ovations wherever he travels, next stop Mars. But has being based in Britain changed Anthony? Well he's discovered his long lost five-a-side skills, still hates the warm beer, can't stand the motorways but loves the clubs and after all that's what is important, but lets not talk about the weather.