Bass Kleph

Fresh from a smashing 1st time global tour, and with a slew of chart topping productions under his belt, this January, Australia's Bass Kleph has capped off a massive year for 2007, and 2008 is already looking bigger 'n better.

Bass Kleph writes the kind of tracks where the whole club does a double take, then bum rushes the DJ to find out what the F##K is this?!?. It's a dirty, bouncy, querky, sexy, sensory assault of less is more Tech-Electro. It's that.. well it's that Bass Kleph sound.

He describes the sound as "a war on average, fought by Amazonian swimsuit models with machine guns", and he's not too far off. DJ, producer, label owner, mix engineer and occasional radio show host, Bass Kleph has a finger in every music pie in town, including having one of the hottest, most in demand, individual sounds of now.

It's no wonder he's already made a big name for himself in the remix world. He's won international awards for 'best remix', and had film clips shot for others in New York. His remix of the Shopliftas went to #1, as did his remix for Alex Romano, and his mix of Hyper's No Rockstars came in a close #2. His remix of "12 Inch Therapy" was quoted as being "the tune of Miami WMC" in 2007, and his follow up "Dirty Ows" version is taking over dance floors worldwide, with massive support from Micky Slim, Loose Cannons, Stupid Fresh, Aston Shuffle and many more. It this level of consistency that brought in remix work from Sarah Mcleod, Gotye, Stanton Warriors, Amiel, Swag, Claire Clake, and many more.

When it comes to original songs, the story reads the same. His track Coup d'etat has become one of the biggest electro house anthems of 2007. It topped the charts on DJ download and has been added to CDs such as Ibiza Annual, Electro House Sessions and Field Day 2008. His latest single, Bump Uglies, has done equally large damage. This genre crossing, edgy underground club tune. proves just how well Bass Kleph can seamlessly blend between the underground and the mainstream. Once again, Bass Kleph has garnered inboxes full of praise from the who's who of global disc jockeys.

Bass Kleph is also the man behind the hot new record label Vacation Records. It hasn't even been a year, and the Vacation hype has spread world wide already. They regularly top global charts, are licenced by the biggest compilations, and their tracks are being spun by the biggest DJs in the world. They're already up to their 9th release and no wonder, when they're garnering support from Roger Sanchez, Kissy Sellout, Crookers, Micky Slim, John Aquaviva, Lisa Lashes, Richard Dinsdale, and pretty much everyone you meet these days. This new on the scene and hot-to-trot label currently features music from Hook n Sling, Twocker, Stupid Fresh, Dopamine, fRew, The Shopliftas, and Bass Kleph himself. There's also up and coming remixes from Micky Slim, Mowgli, Kid Dub and Tommy Trash.

Whether writing bombs in the studio, or tearing apart the decks, Bass Kleph doesn't just set the bar, he breaks it in two. His DJ sets are a celebration of all his hard work in the studio and behind the scenes. He works the crowd, and the stage with everything he's got. His track selection is impeccable and being one of the few DJs that mix in key, his mixes are taken to another level. With plenty of unreleased and demo material at hand, Bass Kleph is regularly dropping the freshest, taste-maker tunes before anyone out there. Yet somehow, he still always manages to maintain an accessible feeling, and sound. It's this attention to detail that spawned the demand for Bass Kleph globally. 2007 was his first year of touring abroad, but as with everything, he didn't do it by halves. The tours took in shows in UK, Europe, and Asia, including Fabric in London, and Babyface in Shanghai.

2008 is already looking to be a massive year for Bass Kleph. There's collaborations with Hook N Sling, Stellar MC, Brian Campeau and Chris Arnott. There's also remixes for Sarah Mcleod, Micky Slim, Stupid Fresh and Twocker. International and local tour dates are coming in thick and fast, plus he's starting a new Saturday night residency for The Club Club at Chinese Laundry. You can also expect to soon see his first music video clip, and a new mix CD out through Vacation. That's just the stuff that's confirmed; wait till you see the rest.