By the time he was 26, Breiten had lived in ten different cities in six different countries. His reason for being in each destination was divconsistent: it was always about music. He bought his first techno album at the age of 13, but it was a three-night stay in Ibiza at the age of 17 that was the catalyst for his immersion into the world of electronic dance music. He began to DJ in his hometown of Seattle,followed by a move to Vancouver, and then Boston to study music. It was during his studies when Breiten started putting together DJ sets that would already demonstrate his unique sound. Since then, Breiten has lived in Melbourne, San Francisco and Amsterdam, each city adding more to his musical experience. It was however, a move to Cologne in 2009 that saw the development of his musical identity. With a nod to his American roots, he combined house and techno to shape a sound that is identifiable as his own. His energy behind the decks and ability to communicate with the crowd are obvious, but his selection of music is what sets him apart. It's exciting to think where Breiten is going in 2012.