Cezar is the name of the internationally successful Dj and producer as well as the co-founder of the label, Understand.ro. He was raised in Bucharest, Romania, during a time when the city was undertaking changes due to the shift from Communism to Western Capitalism, one of the changes being the rise of popularity in Western and electronic music.

The Romanian Dj did not at first start his career in the music industry, instead after graduating from university he began working in the television media as a TV producer, but Cezar always had a passion for music, driven by the search for freedom and self-growth. During the week he worked in television but during the weekend he was a successful part time DJ playing in clubs and parties around Bucharest. He eventually took a plunge into the music industry when he made the final decision to dedicate his career to DJing.

In 2005 he was asked to be a resident for Studio Martin which allowed him a steady line up of gigs and after that, he moved on to playing various party gigs, some of which where at the Sunrise parties. Even though Cezar had previous experience in the electronic music industry, he wanted to further his knowledge in music production and enrolled for one year in 2011 at SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers.

Din Gând În Când EP was the Dj’s first EP release, an album, which he says in an interview, he would have preferred not to release because he believed it did not live up to the best of his abilities … but it is a landmark in his career which shows his amazing progression of music production over the years.

Cezar has become a beloved Dj and producer with fans from around the globe. Make sure to keep up to date with the artist's new and upcoming releases and performances. 

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