DJ Daw


Born in Zipaquirá in october 19, 1985, DJ Daw included in the Bogota's electronic scene in the 2002 year beginning to dj in some importants clubs in the city. He was a pioneer and tried to promote the new electronic scene in his native city, there he make in society with Alejandro Rojas the first and unique place of specialized electronic music (Pure Lov.e). Pure Love offered a new musical alternative about this culture closing vision, and thats when in 2004 Dj agency was founded.

In his facet with production, DJ Daws strong inclination for the house sound with the new tendence that the industry coming every year. He prooved this by remixes for artists like Cristian Paduraru, Mastercris, 6pod9, Ladies On Mars, Sendos Fuera, Dj Ax, Andrew Chibale, Paco Buggin, Edmund, Yohan Esparada and labels like Deepclass Records, Dutchie Music, Grouper Recordings, Manuscript Records (Ukraine), Worldwide Exclusive Records, Next Dimension Music, Tokyo Red Recordings, Peanut Musik, Bit Recors Mexico, Xela Digital y Definition Records.

Finishing 2008, DJ Daw winning to form part the number one radio in Ibiza (Ibiza Global Radio 97.6 Fm) with their radio show Pure Lov.e Sessions by Dj Daw. This radio show started to spread the electronic Latin American scene to Europe.