Dj Dazzle


Dazzle has been active in the industry for more than a decade. Almost immediately after Black Hole Recordings released Dazzle's first mix compilation "Freedom" in 1999, his career steadily moved upwards. Thanks to the success of the initial issue, three sequels in the "Freedom" series followed, which eventually paved the way for a new, more personal concept entitled "Soundbox"; a double CD. These now seminal releases document Dazzle's outstanding taste and superb mixing skills. They also represent the progress he went through to build his reputation of a highly skilled and professional DJ delivering dedicated live sets, filled with a widely appealing combination of rhythmic, energetic trance and tech-house.

All this good news travels fast and requests for remixes pour in: established artists like Way Out West, Public Domain, and Andain have their hits reworked by Dazzle. His hard labour finally leads to the realisation of what had always been his dream: his own label that would release his own output. Mostly Recordings, the name of the imprint, has a clear mission statement: to release material of young, new and talented producers and of course his own productions and mix compilations. The year is 2004 and Mostly Recordings delivers Dazzle's titles such as "Pushing", "Area51", "Thin Air" and "Observe"; cuts that all have been hammered by the likes of Tiësto, Armin van Buuren and Ferry Corsten.

Other labels notice the attention too, and in a short period of time Dazzle's music appears on imprints like Paul van Dyk's Vandit with "Relativity", Fektive with "Traced" and most notably "Chaos Theory" released on Armin van Buuren's Armada label, which found its way to many worldwide recognized mix compilations like "Amnesia" and "Cream - Ibiza 2008", mixed By Paul van Dyk, the John O’Callaghan "Godskitchen 10 Year Anniversary" comp and the Ronski Speed mix compilation "Worldwide Trance Sounds". It truly became the summer slammer of the 2008 season and was played endlessly during sessions at Space Miami during the WMC, Amnesia, Time Warp and Judge Jules' "Judgement Sundays" on Ibiza. Another top notch release by Dazzle was "Backwards", released on Detox Records which even made it to the nowadays rare format of a vinyl pressing.

With a crazy production schedule like this, Dazzle still finds the time to drop his own mix compilations and so far he released a double CD for the internationally known Maxim Magazine, a comp entitled "Forward" and two hailed pressings for the Fast Forward Dance Parade (FFWD) of 2006 and 2007. He still considers those two the achievement of his personal investment to make it to the FFWD of 2005, a tour the force that got him his own truck, a dedicated sponsor and thousands of enthusiastic followers. All these activities show the genuine craftsmanship of a DJ that works hard to make it big, 'cause one should not forget that all this happened during a period full of live gigs where he performed alongside such names as Seb Fontaine, Guy Ornadel, Cass, Armin van Buuren, Tiësto and Judge Jules, all at festivals like Dance Valley, Impulz, Extrema Outdoor, Rockit Open Air, Dancetour, Frequence Outdoor, Gigadance and Trance Energy.

These live performances caught the attention of international booking agencies and Dazzle has so far performed in Ibiza, Poland, Czech Republic, USA, Mexico, The Russian Federation, Norway, Cyprus and Israel. 2008 also saw the birth of his personal concert at "De Kroon" during the Amsterdam Dance Event; he repeated this idea in 2009 during "Threesome", also at the Amsterdam Dance Event. The best showcase for Dazzle live can be found in this video, which shows Dazzle climatically performing at various locations on the globe.

2009 has been Dazzle's most prolific year so far and the current list of activities displays an incredible workload that only a few of his fellow DJs can match. First and foremost Dazzle moved his management and bookings to Global DJ Bookings, he started his "Weekly Mixes" that are currently broadcast by more than 20 internet- and radio stations. iTunes showed interest as well and now hosts these episodes as "Forcast" podcasts. He released the mix compilation "Forward II" and he produced the remixes for Black Dragon's "Mi Vida", JD's "The Mind", Public Domain's "Operation Blade" and David Murtagh's "Luminous".
Enter 2010 and Dazzle is going stronger than ever.

His most recent, upcoming release will be a state of the art, digitally available, mix compilation entitled "Submerge" on Fektive, not to mention his daily updated schedule for the upcoming season of this year. When it comes to trance, tech-house and the party people it attracts, Dazzle is the ultimate example of a professional DJ who dedicates his very life to the love that radiates from the dance floor.