Emrah Celik

Emrah Celik was born in Turkey in 1980. When he was a teenager student he started collecting MTV's selection albums and listening that crazy sound of 90s. When he was just 15 he started his music career as a dj at Radio Star (a local radio station in Turkey) with playing hit musics of 94-95s.When he was in university in 1998 he performed as warm-up dj of Turkey's famous singers in university festivals.He then started to be interested in music production addition to his Professional dj career in the 2000s.His first jobs included a range of techno, hiphop and rnb sounds. Till 2006 he performed his music in most popular clubs around Turkey.In 2006 he established Tribalizm , which is now one of the biggest dj portals in turkey.Now tribal music is a popular genre in Turkey as it's being played by most djs, in clubs and radios. Tribalizm has an important role in this with it's contribution to this trend.Tribalizm became the mid-point of Tribal House and Turkish music.He also established the music label Sunhouse Records and started to concentrate on productions and remixes in 2006.Some of his productions has become hit on many radio stations and clubs.In 2007 he moved to Sweden and with support of his colleagues there.Just after a couple months he managed to make deals with well known music companies on behalf of Sunhouse Records.In September 2007 he built up his own music studio.Today , Emrah celik is on the way of becoming a successful producer with many of his songs being released.He has also improved his DJ skills and he is satisfying his audionce by his great music performance.