George Morel

George Morel is one of the biggest DJ's ever to come out of U.S and a true pioneer in the world of dance music. He began in the late 80's playing at neighborhood parties, where he honed his skills, later becoming a regular guest DJ at some of New York's most notorious venues such as Red Zone, Palladium, The World, Traxs and Save The Robots. In recent years, Morel has held headline residencies in many renowned European nightclubs such as Privilege (Ibiza), Cocoon Club (Germany) and The Mad (Switzerland) just to name a few. He has also appeared as a guest DJ in all of the top Ibiza clubs such as Pacha, Amnesia, El Divino and Space. He currently has several nightclub appearances in Asia, Belgium, Serbia, Croatia, UAE, Germany, Greece, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey where he continues to bring audiences to their bliss with his dynamic, energetic sets.

Besides his DJ talents, Morel is also making waves worldwide producing his own music. In the early 90's he landed his first production session working with David Cole (of C & C Music Factory fame) on a track entitled "Our Love (It's Over)" that the two co-wrote for vocalist Dee Holloway. The soaring vocal number became an instant New York clubbing favorite, and later led Morel to produce and write the infectious hit "Wiggle It" for 2 In A Room, the Dominican duo from Washington Heights, New York, who were at the forefront of the burgeoning Freestyle market (a hybrid of House and Hip-Hop). With Morel's help they spent two weeks at the summit of Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Play Chart, eventually going Gold and crossing over into the top 15 of the Hot 100. In the UK, "Wiggle It" hit the top three on the pop charts. Later, in 1990, flushed with success, soon after Morel began working full-time collaborating with C&C Music Factory on edits arrangements of the group's own material such as "Things That Make You Go Hmmm", "Here We Go", "Emotions" for Mariah Carey and "Let The Beat Hit Them" by Lisa Lisa and many more.

Morel's hard work and dedication was celebrated with several Gold and Platinum records, Billboard Music Awards and the worldwide recognition success of the dance label Strictly Rhythm Records where he was the Vice President of A & R. In his seven year tenure at Strictly Rythym, Morel worked with the crème of the emerging House talent America had to offer such as Felix Da Housecat, Erick Morillo, Sandy Rivera (K.O.T.), DJ Pierre, Mood 2 Swing, Roy Davis Jr., Barbara Tucker, CeCe Rogers, Roland Clark and Ultra Nate, as well as many other producers, recording artist to name a few. His infamous releases Morel's Groove Volumes creating his own style with a series of rhythm-smart cool, deep and highly seductive singles made for late night consumption and big-room systems, where haunting riffs and tripped out soundscapes would conjure up a myriad of emotions and images. From the stark instrumental 'Let's Groove' and the self-explanatory 'Touch Of Jazz', through to the Latin-etched 'Todos Los Latinos En La Casa', the piano-happy 'I Feel It'; his versatility was boundless and sounds ahead of time and still being played to this day...

"When he left Strictly, he took the rhythm with it," adds Junior Vasquez "It's a good thing that he's back in full force with productions for his own label - I play every one I get my hands on. George is one of a kind and has my eternal respect." But it's not just New Yorkers who acknowledge George's contribution to the clubbing scene. "He's a seminal figure in the development of House Music," states Judge Jules. "George was one of the early influences for me when moulding the Full Intention sound with his tough but groovy EPs on Strictly Rhythm," adds Michael Gray. A point underscored by StoneBridge: "He gave us the deep but funky club grooves with just the right balance between tribal and funky." His global impact not going unnoticed with DJ dates across Europe, Asia and the Americas most weekends.

In addition to his many productions and projects, Morel has also participated in several DJ tours and parades worldwide including the B-Live tour for Bacardi, the MTV DJ Tour, the Coca Cola DJ-Culture Tour, the Reebok DJ Tour, the Ministry of Sound in Germany Tour, the Ritmo De Bacardi Tour, the Puskin Vodka Experience Tour, Rock In Rio (Brazil), Street Parade (Switzerland), City Parade (Belgium) and eleven consecutive years at the infamous Love Parade in Berlin. Additionally, he participated in the Camel Air Rave which featured a chartered plane from Germany to Greece, making George Morel the first DJ to ever play on an airplane.

George Morel has also appeared on various television programs, radio shows, magazines and books and now has his own exclusive radio broadcast at Sunshine Live Radio to millions of listeners in Germany as well as several other regular monthly radio guest appearances on shows around the world. George Morel continues to serve as a panelist-judge for the Grammy remix category and has been regularly talked about on Pete Tong's BBC "Radio 1" show.

"George Morel is one of the best producers of HOUSE MUSIC. I've been a big fan and staunch supporter for a long time. I love this man!" -Frankie Knuckle

"George Morel is one of the few veterans of House Music who stays true to the sound he has created. He has been consistent as a DJ/producer for many years and shows the true meaning of longevity." - Louie Vega

"People don't realize it but I believe that the stuff George did with 2 In A Room influenced one of the biggest house hits ever - Eric Morillo's 'I Like To Move It'." - DJ Pierre

"He is the ONLY reason that I took notice of Strictly Rhythm and played their releases at the Sound Factory. All those records with the red brick background would have become a coffee table in the lounge of my booth - that is, except for the records that George brought to me way before they were given to other DJs. I always felt like he respected me, and because of him I respected Strictly Rhythm. I was pushing the envelope and it seemed like the rest of them over there were always stuck in the past, trying to relive the Garage and boring deep House. Not Morel though. I'll never forget him giving me the test pressing of 'Master Blaster'. I don't know what anyone else thinks but that record was genius - a landmark as far as I'm concerned. And every single volume of George's own 'Morel's Grooves' series from 3-9 are classic: I still play 'Down To The Waistline (Honey)' and my manager always sneaks 'Unnecessary Changes' and 'Like This' into my bag, and it's been like 15-years since George produced those records!" - Junior Vasquez

Morel has conquered the world of dance music as a truly visible icon and DJ Magazine once called him "the Quincy Jones of dance music".

Morel has achieved more than he and most DJ's ever dare to dream, but his journey is only just beginning. He is sure to make even more noise with his deep passion for music, continuously demonstrated in his deejaying and through his company Groove On Productions.

George Morel currently lives in Miami and can be found at all the major nightclubs around the globe. Please visit www.georgemorel.coml for more information.