Gianni began his career in the electronic dance music industry in 1994. He began as a promoter but soon came to realize that his heart belonged to the music, and his interests were really in DJing. His curiosity sent him on a trip to England where he met numerous trance DJ’ and fell in love with the scene. He later returned to the states with a whole new outlook on the industry and a great passion for trance.

DJ’ like Sasha, Nick Warren, DJ Dan & Jerry Bonham influenced Gianni; their music helped shape his progress and his career. His sounds have the intensity of DJ Dan and the elegance and grace of Sasha or Jerry Bonham. In October of 1996, after only one year of DJing, Gianni was booked for his first time at Spundae, the biggest and most popular club in the U.S. In just two short years he quickly progressed as a DJ and has worked his way up to the top of the bay area scene, becoming one of the most sought after trance DJ’ in the bay area. He has recently earned residencies at numerous super clubs like Nikita (voted #1 club in the nation), Spundae, Release & Purified where he plays regularly at; in addition to two to three raves weekly.

Gianni has built himself a solid reputation as a headliner in the bay area rave-club circuit. He has co-headlined with some of the biggest DJ’ and acts in the world like: Carl Cox, Paul Van Dyk, Slacker, Hybrid, Pete Tong, Dave Seaman, Judje Jules, Westbam, BT, Nostrom, MR.C, Deepsky, Doran, Dave Ralph, DJ Dan, AK1200, John Kelly, Josh Wink, The Stickmen, Sandra Collins, Laidback Luke, John Selway, Christian Smith, Christopher Lawrence, ETI, Mistress Barbara, Jimmy Van Melleghem, Kimball Collins, Taylor, Jerry Bonham, DJ Icey Onionz, Scott Henery, Grant Plant, Astral Matrix, Ted Patterson, Cajmere, Marquez Wyatt, DJ Sneak, Doc Martin, Deep Dish, Chris Fortier, Thomas Michael, Luke Slater, Ron D Core, Eddie Amador, Tini Tuni, Scott Robbie & Gavin Hardkiss, John Debo, Marusha, Deiselboy, Barry Weaver, Donald Glaude, Adam Freeland, Joshua Ryan, Terry Mullin, John Aquaviva, Terry Francis as well as all the local hero’.

As of today Gianni is most well known for his sharp mixing and programming of hard progressive, hands in the air, crowd-pleasing sets. Most of his sets are very progressive, ranging from house to trance. Owning a record store has made it extremely easy for Gianni to have great variety in his sets. Gianni is also well known for his physical presence and crowd interaction when on the decks. Gianni’ friendly personality makes him not only a desirable DJ on the decks but off as well. Always keeping the crowd and promoters asking him back.

Gianni has also expanded his career by working at Harmonics Records, and almost instantly becoming the store manager and is now co-owner. Over the last year he has built Harmonics into the bay area’ biggest & best record store, carrying every style of electronic music. He was also approached by Spundae productions to work at their new record store where he is now also currently employed. Even with his busy schedule he has still had the modivation and drive to produce three tapes and three CD’ in just a one-year period. He is slowly building a studio and plans on releasing his own music soon.