Granddaddy Dj

Born and raised in Chicago, USA, John Piraino, A.K.A. Granddaddy DJ, began his venture into music at the ripe young age of 5. His parents started him with music lessons on the accordion, then piano. During middle school, he taught himself how to play guitar, and he quickly discovered the world of garage bands. Granddaddy managed to buy his first guitar a few years later, and his music career got moving in the garages of the American Midwest.

Electronica took over Granddaddy’s creative imagination early in his career. After working on the airwaves and in the clubs of Chicago’s electronic music scene, Granddaddy moved to Milwaukee, where he began the association M.A.D. (Milwaukee DJs Association). A techie by day, Granddaddy spun by night, and moved further and further into the electronic unknown with impeccable mixing skills and an ear for the next wave.

When psychedelic electronica took over the Eastern European Underground, Granddaddy was there. He was a quick convert to the new sounds and became one of the first established US dance DJs to explore mixing psytrance for mainstream club crowds. While most Detroit- and Chicago-based artists stuck with the house music that made the Midwest famous, Granddaddy moved into psytrance territory as yet uncharted in this country.

Today Granddaddy hosts two hugely popular internet radio shows on Digitally Imported – the world’s biggest internet radio station. His Goa/PsyTrance show, “The Other Side,” airs on the first and third Wednesdays of every month, 2pm EST. He also continues to spin “High Definition Dance Music” on DI FM monthly, presenting his own mixes as well as introducing those of his international guests.

With an ability to move any crowd into the realm of psychedelia, Granddaddy DJ is hitting the club circuit with force this year. He destroyed dancefloors throughout Europe in the Summer of 2005, and made his first NYC appearance with Israel’s E-JEKT, Hujaboy, and Pop Stream in Tsunami show at Avalon.

Granddaddy DJ is currently working on a new solo CD Project and focusing on festivals, Club, and underground appearances throughout the US.