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"The Man largely responsible for making Manumission Rock" - Mixmag

Griff started his djing career in a small subterranean club in Manchester that eventually grew into the worlds biggest and most Notorious weekly club night MANUMISSION

He has been Manumission's resident dj for over 12 years and can be found playing the main room at the peak of the night every week of the summer to over 10,000 clubbers from the 4 corners of the globe.

During his time as Manumission resident the club has gone from strength to strength with 2006 after switching from Mondays to Fridays proving a huge success. Griff has played alongside such luminaries as Fat Boy Slim, 2 many Djs, Dave Seaman, Sasha , Pete Tong.

Whilst based in Ibiza and playing every Tuesday morning at Space as well as playing for Cream in Amnesia he has also played widely across Europe holding down Residencies in Clubs such as KM in Spain and Deluded in Chamonix whilst playing at such venues as Tribehaus in Germany and Pacha in Barcelona. Zeppelin in Moscow and House Music club in Naples. His travels have taken him to Austria , Italy , Denmark, South Africa ,Bahrain , India and Egypt to touch on a few of the places he has played recently along with the tours of Australia and New Zealand . It seems at time s that Griff has been playing more abroad than in his native UK.

He has played across the whole of the UK and Ireland from The Kitchen in Dublin to Passion at Coalville. Moneypennys in Birmingham to Honey Club in Brighton, where he is now based. From Lashed across the UK to The Cross in London. Whilst in the past he has been lucky to play at such legendary clubs as The Hacienda in Manchester and Vague in Leeds.

Griff has also been lucky enough to have been part of an essential mix on Radio 1 whilst having featured twice with shorter hot mixes on Pete Tong's Friday night show. Whilst also having his own slot in the summer on Paul Kershaws Sat night show on Galaxy. Production wise he has produced several tracks one a Cult sampling house stormer that was picked out by Mixmag to be one of the Sounds of the summer. Currently he is producing two new tracks with his partner in the studio Kid Lopez whilst also working on Remixes for cult Nottingham collective Unity Crescent. He is also starting to implement the use of Abelton in his live sets which takes Djing to the next level .

All time top five (in no particular order)
1. Strings of life
2. Nude Photo
3. Hideaway
4. Way in my Brain
5. Saturday Night Sunday Morning

All time Ibiza Moment
Zip lining in from the top of the Roof at Manumission at the end of an Essential Mix live. To find P Diddy in the Dj box playing the Sax along with Pete Tong s absolutely storming set. Whilst I struggled to free myself from my harness dangling 10 ft over the swimming pool......Never again

Favourite DJing Moment
Driving with Paul Kershaw from the Airport in Cairo out to Palm Valley in the middle of the desert where the Promoter had set up a stage, lighting, full sound system and lasers in the back garden of his own home. Then playing to a 1000+ of his friends as the dew and fog came down. As the sun came up and the fog cleared it revealed the Pyramids almost touching distance away

If you want to see footage of Griff Djing you can go to DanceTrippin.Tv
and see a full video episode of him in action.