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A dedicated explorer of the frequency spectrum, Alex Tsotsos has been making waves within the underground house and techno community under his GummiHz (gummi-hertz) moniker. Focusing on those frequencies that shake hips and free minds or “the rubber bands” as he likes to call them! In his productions he molds various elements together following a dance friendly approach. Inspiration comes to life through a few outboard equipment including synths and drum machines, for hands-on spontaneity. A signature sound, heralded by many DJs and critics alike for its propulsive sense of rhythm, rolling basslines, bouncy hooks and psychedelic atmospherics! “The Andre 3000 of techno”, according to ‘the innovator’ Derrick May! In a carrier spanning nearly a decade and a half, GummiHz has brought his ‘elastic frequencies’ to venues all around the globe! A dedicated record collector, who’s built a solid reputation with his relaxed dj attitude and effortless mixing skills! Currently based in Berlin, GummiHz is part of the city’s exciting underground music scene. Alex also runs record labels Claap, C-EDITS and Raw Instinct. In his mind, djing and producing music needs to be exciting, adventurous and fun. He is not afraid to re-invent his methods when it gets dull and boring in the studio! Tune in to his Hertz!