Harrison Crump

Is that his real name? Is he from Europe? People sometimes get a little confused about Harrison Crump and who he is, so let’s set the record straight.

Yes, it is his real name and no, he’s not from Europe.  This Chicago born and bred native still lives in “The CHI” and has become that rarest commodity known in dance music – a highly sought-after producer, remixer, singer and songwriter.  This guy’s songwriting abilities have led to a close musical relationship with long-time friend Felix da Housecat and have earned him production credits on P-Diddy’s dance music project Divided Souls.

Producing since the early nineties, Crump’s long list of credits can be found on labels like Dust Traxx and Subliminal Records.  He has worked with an incredible amount of talent in his various roles both with-in the House and Hip-Hop genre.  He’s appeared on a plethora of internationally respected labels including Pomchat, Play It Again Sam, Nepenta, and Essence.  This constant exposure to the masses has given him the ability to partner with Essence Records and again with Sole Unlimited to create Bird Ice Records and Hump Records.

Continuing work through BMP; 2005 has already seen great things from Crump.  His first release of the year Ride has been praised by Notion Magazine with 41/2 stars and James Mowbray charted it at #8 in Mix Mag – January 2005.

Crump released more than five EP’s in 2006 and played throught the world in places like South Africa, Amsterdam, Belgium and the US.  “The Ride” (Harrison’s first artist album) released in the fall of 2006 has been receiving rave reviews throughout Europe and the US. So much so, the album will also be releasing in South Africa next year. Don’t let all of this studio success fool you;

Harrison is as solid a mixer as he is producer and with a resume like this, it’s no wonder he takes any chance he can to play his music in front of a crowd.  Spending his time between his studio and the road (with a live vocal/DJ set) Harrison plans to re-introduce himself to the masses this year at both large and small scale events throughout the World.