K Loveski

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DJ K Loveski was born and raised in St Petersburg and is a pioneer of the Russian house music scene.He started his career in 1992 by playing at the most significant underground parties and events, since then K Loveski never looked back ! His DJ talent has taken him to more than 70 cities across Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic States, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. He has also played international gigs in England, Germany, France, Sweden, Brazil, Austria, Finland.
K Loveski was voted best St Petersburg DJ 2001 by Night Life Awards, was the winner of the International Grandmaster DJ Contest of 1995 and countless other awards. K Loveski is also a constant member of the Top 100 Djs of Russia.Since 2000 K Loveski has been a popular resident of the infamous Kazantip Festival, K Loveski has also hosted his own legendary radio show at Radio Record & D-FM (1997-2010), being famous for its open-minded approach, not only playing house music but also a full range of electronic and non-club music formats: ambient, modern classical, shoegaze, folktronic, ethno, funk, nu jazz, soul etc.
Always busy in his homecity of St Petersburg, K Loveski has been and still is a resident in the top St Petersburg house clubs: Tunnel, Mama, Griboyedov, Par, Decadance, Red Club, Planetarium, Pravda, Bubble Bar, Music Hall, Igrateka, Jesus etc. Loveski's sound sits somewhere between all of the funky and sexy forms of house music, always stirring great reactions on the dancefloor. Broad musical taste allows him to feel equally confident at large open air festivals, club nights and even jazz events.K Loveski is also currently one of Russia's most promising producers, one of his first productions in 2005 being released on the top UK house label Sumsonic. He is currently producing new tracks that are already hits on the dancefloor. His latest releases were out on labels Dutchie (US) and ITech (Russia).