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 Summertime on the balearic island of Ibiza and winter in Berlin is a creative solution for this girl, who likes to make things happen. From organizing her own events in Poland to making the crowd lusciously throw themselves into a decadent dance at clubs, where she plays- Karina Chaczbabian leaves a sound signature.

Uncovering the electronic music landscape, her senses are sharpened by her musical roots- six generations of pianists and violinists make her joke that music in her family is a curse. Always keen to experiment with something outside the traditional house/techno paradigm, her vinyl selection is seductive and laid-back, syncretistic and hypnotic, as well as containing a driving, electronic beat.

Appreciating the basics of Chicago and Detroit, which go smoothly together with the minimized, forward thinking deep house sounds of novadays, Karina is traveling with her black record bag from 1955 (Warsaw) to The Villa (Oslo), Berlin locations to Ibiza’s finest open air & record label showcase- Channel Zoo.

Since the desire to create and help push dance music forward is strong and Karina is a hyperactive creature, always wanting more and more, she finds satisfaction in occasionally writing articles for music related magazines, as well as, takes care of the Zoo Promotion in Ibiza.

Currently Karina is working on her own music material.