Los Suruba

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What does Suruba mean? In Portuguese, especially in Brazil, Suruba is the word for an orgy. A wild party, a sinful bacchanal. Nowadays, translated to musical language, Suruba could mean a cool party club cheered by some sort of quality music, both fresh and fun; the one where you can’t stop dancing even to ask for another drink. The perfect soundtrack for that good vibe party that keeps on until the sun reaches its top, or beyond. 

After knowing each other while both studied design, and after a couple of years working separately as dj’s, producers and promoters, Delmar and Alvaro take the step of uniting under the badge “Los Suruba”.

In these days it is a must to make yourself visible as an entrepreneur, and no one does more than this two young men. They manage four divisions under Suruba label, from production to remix or A&R, and even an own clothing design collection. Los Suruba demonstrate that success today comes by the way of knowing a bit of everything, and carry out every project with the perfect finish that is a brand for them. 

Their fresh style and fluency on the decks is already patent when their first record spins. As dj’s, Alvaro and Delmar know the dancefloor, understand it and interpret it constantly. Like born surrounded by decks and vinyls, each of their sessions is a display of a style rascal and mature, the concept of party we picture on our minds associated to the clubbing essence. 

Their productions have also made them known as one of the main pieces in a young generation of young underground musicians in Spain. Out of their study come nothing but serious beats, severe and electronic, elaborate but coming out naturally, best for making the crowd move. Just as a sample, “Pisco Sour”; the track reached Beatport overall top 10 in 2010. By now, Los Suruba have released on labels such as Get Physical, Defected, Stil Vor Talent, Noir Music, Darkroom Dubs, Eklektisch, Time Has Changed, Cr2 or Sincopat.

A line of success that remains today, with “Punset” (Eklektisch, EKV005) has been one of Resident Advisor’s 50 most charted tracks the month it was released, and one of the top bangers of summer 2011.

The sound of Los Suruba has caught attention of many. Artists such as Okain, Solomun, Tigerskin, Marcin Czubala, Spektre, Francois Dubois aka Funk D'Void or Noir have wanted to remix tracks by the Spanish duo. Remixing theirselves, they can be proud of having worked with Steve Lawler, Edu Imbernon, Pirupa, Chelonis R. Jones, Tigerskin, AFFKT or Alessio Mereu and many more. 

More than 70 releases have seen the light in their 4 labels together: Suruba, the mothership, Suruba Playa with that Balearic warm sound for summer terraces, Suruba X –leaving Space for darker grooves- and Suruba D focused on deepest. The repertoire managed by Suruba it’s usually found among the top releases on portals such as Beatport, with releases signed by heavyweights such as Ripperton, Robert Babicz, Gorge or Mihalis Safras.

Being able to produce music, manage the Labels, and stay on top of the wave as the hottest dj tag team in Spanish underground tech-house circuit, this guys are showing off that “surubbing” is not easy as it looks, but it definitely is very, very funny.