1994 was the year that DJ Marcella (1974) from Amsterdam started to mix records at her friends place, just for fun and a new passion was born.

After finishing her study and becoming a 'bachelor of economy', she completely focused on music. Starting at loungecafe Scandals every saturdaynight and djcafe sol every sunday, she is now covering several clubs and parties in the Netherlands and abroad.

In 2000 she made her debut abroad, joining the ID&T Innercity tour to Israel, Eilat. She played there for 3000 people at the famous Dolphin Reef.

Her residency in in 2000, next to Ronald Molendijk, was her big break and after that she played at parties like Wasteland, Mysteryland, Innercity, Sensation, S.O.A.P and many more.
For four years, Marcella was one of the resident DJ's at "Nightpeople" @ Vakzuid every 3rd friday of the month

Clubnight "Sell Out"
In 2003, Marcella had her own clubnight in Amsterdam icw Club Risk called "Sell Out", every second saturday of the month in Club More Amsterdam.

Nowadays 2000-2005
Every 3rd friday of the month in club Monza in Utrecht:PLANET HOUSE, a real house clubnight with national and international dj/producers.

SUPER, which take place on different locations in Holland. SUPER stands for SoulfulUrbanPopEclecticRetrosounds...and has already been visited by hundreds of partyminded people. More info about SUPER you find at "Projects" on this site.

After hosting her own show on ID&T Radio "In 2 Dance" in 2002 and frequent clubmixes on that station she was asked to do live mixes on radio 3FM. Every first Saturday of the month she's live on air with "Marcella's Massive Moments" from 21.00-22.00 hrs @ saturday's dance program "Ministry of Beats".

Gigs like Yorin Mega Music Dance Experience (10.000 people), Yorin Beach Event (15.000 people), openingsact on the mainstage of Dance Valley 2003 and Mojo/Extrema's Lovefields Festival, Dance Valley mainstage 2004 are on her list.

She plays music from soulfulhouse to pumping energetic real house, tribals and electronic house, you never know what to expect. Well, sexy, quality house music, variety and a lot of fun and entertainment.

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