Marco Bailey

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Marco Bailey grew up in a small village in Belgium. He is a true hedonist but a workaholic as well. Marco loves to work hard and spin records as much as possible; sleeping is for later!!
At the age of 12, Marco wanted nothing more than to become a sportsman. Motocross and competitive cycling were his passions until injuries made it impossible to continue and Marco soon had a new obsession, music, then shortly after that DJing.
He started playing Funk, Hip Hop, Rock, New Wave & Punk!! Marco Bailey has spun every style of music and played pretty much everywhere in the World ! including Japan, Korea, China, Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Mexico, USA, most of Europe. There are not many countries in the World that Marco hasn’t Dj’d in !!
His burning all consuming drive can only be calmed by getting into the music. A positive result of this is seen on a daily basis in the studio, where together with his best friend Tom Hades he works on tracks and DJ sets, puzzling just as long as it takes to get it to sound right and release the right energy. Marco calls this his ‘positive disorder’, Positive because it gives meaning to his life. He is constantly on the road or at work in the studio and doesn’t take his job lightly. He invests all of his energy to make sure he can give the best possible performance to his audiences all around the World.
Having a superstar status in Belgium, he travels the world playing at the biggest events as well as small intimate club shows and everything in between. His mixture of party techno, minimal and electronic house means he is a permanent fixture at all major festivals and clubs. With love, hard work and fantastic sounds he has succeeded in gaining worldwide recognition. Playing events like Global Gathering UK , WIRE Japan , Extrema Outdoor (NL), Awakenings (NL), I Love Techno (BE), Nature One (DE), Monegros (SP) and clubs such as Ageha (Tokyo) Zouk (SG), Space (ES), Fabrik (ES) , Matter (UK) , Fabric (UK) , REX (FR) , Womb Japan, Ministry of Sound (UK), Avalon (los Angeles U.S) ,Fuse (Bel), Industrial Copera (ES) and Chinese Laundry (AU) and so many more.
Killer releases on Bedrock , Intec Rec, Drumcode & 1605 amongst others has confirmed his strong reputation as a producer to be followed. He has since set up MB Elektronics & MB Selektions to release high quality music and remixes by Marco himself alongside Carl Cox , John Digweed ,Adam Beyer, Umek, Christian Smith, John Selway & Cristian Varela. In July 2011 MB Elektronics celebrated their 70th release with a special compilation put together by Marco.
Marco Bailey does not like to think in boxes but more outside the box. Although he has a wide & eclectric taste in music, techno is still his passion. Techno has evolved into various sub genres over the last 25 years, but Marco still manages to discover fascinating records in every corner of techno. This is why Marco’s sound is so diverse, interesting and surprising. In 2009 John Digweed released the first of many Marco Bailey releases on his Bedrock Records imprint (Jungle Laps, October 2009, Watergate and
Rayavadee 2010, Faint Hope and Sa Trinxa in April 2011). These tracks led the way for Marco to release his debut artist album “Dragon Man” also on Bedrock
Marco’s career has so far stretched more then 20 years as a dj and 15 years as a producer and there are no signs of him slowing down, here to the next 20 years!!