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Nikk. is one of the most accredited names on the Bulgarian Dj scene. DJing since 2005 till now - Yalta, Cacao Beach, Club Plazma, Chervilo, Cosmo Club, Culture Beat, Tema Music Club, Wake Up are just a few of the places, where Nikk has played. His style unites dub house minimalistic sounds with energetic build while he plays. Nikk. has played alongside with artists such as abio Florido, Jun Akimoto, Reelow, Dean Barred, Yvo Zanev, Proudly People, Fabio Florido, tINI, Matt Sassari, Spartaque, Skober, Nakadia, Hollen, Franz Costa, D-Formation, Paco Maroto and many more. For the time he have upcoming and already released tracks for labels like Thanq, Baile Musik, Raw Roots, PL7, Worst Behavior and more!