Nima Gorji

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Nima Gorji was born in Teheran (Iran) in 1972, and grew up surrounded by persian culture. His interest for music started when he was a kid, as he was often following his father which was a live musician to lots of gigs.
At the age of 13, they had to rush out of the country just a few months before Iran were closing it's borders. First refugee in Germany for 2 years, then the family finally settle down in a small town of Denmark where Nima begins his new life.
Having already a passion for music, he started to play in a local live band, and decided to study in a music school. Very quickly he turns his attention to piano and synthesizers, taking his inspiration from bands like Depeche Mode, the Cure and Erasure.

In 1996, he moves to Copenhagen, and after 6 months, starts to DJ in one of the biggest nightclubs "Rust."
In 1999 he launched his label Welt Recordings together with the partner Thomas Madvig from MTV Europe. After 4 releases under the name of Black Powder (which was the combination of these 2 artists), they closed the label.
In the meantime they started the legendary "Verydisco" night which was a huge success in Scandinavia until 2004.

In 2005, Nima moved to Ibiza and, during the summer season of 2006, he took his residency at Space for the "What's Up?" party.
In 2007, he re-launched Welt Recordings for a second life, together with Charlotte Antoniades aka Madame Tina, releasing tracks of different artists in digital format, and in 2008, they open Welt Sounds as a sub label for vinyl releases.

Since the past 4 years, Nima is touring as a DJ playing worldwide in clubs such as: The Room in Madrid, Fellini in Barcelona, Underground, Pacha and Space in Ibiza, D-Edge and Sirena in Sao Paulo, Batofar in Paris, Vega and Culture Box in Copenhagen, etc..
In 2007 he was Nominated as best Ibiza Dj for the 10th Edition of Ibiza Dj Awards.

As a producer, Nima always sticks to his roots, creating magical hypnotic loops full of deepness, as the Sufi's were traditionally doing in the old Persia. His releases can be found on his own label as well as 3rd floor records, Indigo Raw, love letter from oslo, murmur records and international freakshow.