Olav Basoski

Olav Basoski was born in 1968 and raised in Haalem, a small town near Amsterdam, into a musical family. My parents both played various instruments, and thus. Olav also was brought up learning to play various instruments, including violin and piano.

Olav got his first piece of electronic music equipment in 1987, after begging my parents for a small loan. Releaseed tracks on Rhythm Records before getting up together with DJ Erick E. (Dutch Mixing Champion) by Rhythm Import's boss, Peter Duykersloot, a famous Amsterdam DJ in the early 80's himself.

Olav and Erick worked together for almost three years on numerous projects for release on our own WORK label. Olav started solo projects again after splitting with Erick E in 96, due to the favt that Erick felt more comfortable as a club DJ, which he fulfills very successfully.

His career as a DJ started when he was just 15. Buying his first recording equipment in '87 he starts producing his own material. His first contact with housemusic was when he went to a club and heard Inner City's "Big Fun" in 1989, it blew his head off.

Ever since "Windows" (Rhythm Records) first touched down, his productions have become dancefloor anthems. He has churned out a string of banging tunes under a wide array of pseudonyms (Sil, Yokiboys, Samplitude, Pancake).

Olav has remixed everyone from Moby to Hardfloor to Apollo 440 to Phatts & Small. Many labels are lining up to have him re-construct their tracks. Look further below for a (NOT COMPLETE) list of his remixes and productions.

In February 2000 Dutch label Work sold 9000 vinyl copies of his latest production "Samplitude Vol. 7", within days of release with Judge Jules immediately spinning opener "Pack Up" in his new BBC Radio 1 shows and top UK music magazine 7 calling it "a real monster.

"The Way U love me" under the moniker Laroche is out now via Dutch Spinnin'Records is Olav's latest track. Overwhelmed with remix requests and concentrating on his own productions he had to cut back Dj-ing but he may be found behind the decks again very soon in clubs around the globe!

Olav's mixes and productions have carved him a niche and a reputation but he is intent on expanding his production capabilities.

Olav is back behind the decks again and can be found DJ-ing all over the world. His style is second to none brilliantly mixing uplifting, pumping clubtunes with soulful, energetic techhouse.