Phoenix Movement

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Plamen Dimitrov, known as Phoenix Movement in the club stage, is an prospective young artist. He started working with music in the year of 2014th. In the past years Plamen began gaining popularity fast and started making name for himself on the Bulgarian stages, playing side by side with some of the best in the country.

Phoenix Movement's style is underground tech-house, including techno sounding. Plamen is not satisfied only with his home country performances and he starts realising his own tracks for label called Set About, Reload, Phobos, Phobia and more...

DJ Phoenix Movement is resident of Musai Beach Bar in Sunny Beach - one of the best places for electronic music on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. With the time he kept on playing/mixing with names like Bart Skils, Enrico Sangiuliano, Ramiro Lopez, Sasha Carassi, Matt Sassari, Miguel Bastida, Gaga, Cosmic Boys, Christian Craken, DJ Steven, Balthazar & Jackrock and many more. In the year of 2018th Plamen Dimitrov is rewarded with "The best young DJ" award which took place in the capital Sofia.