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Plump DJs (Lee Rous and Andy Gardner) are a DJ and producer team in electronic dance music. Early pioneers of the breakbeat genre in electronic music, the Plump DJs have diversified in recent years to incorporate new styles such as electro, house and bass music. Their sound is still widely thought to maintain a breakbeat aesthetic, but their productions and DJ sets have become stylistically broader. Throughout the 2000s, they released a string of singles and remixes of well-known dance music names such as Fatboy Slim, Orbital, Deadmau5 and the Stanton Warriors.
Lee Rous and Andy Gardner met at proto-breakbeat label Freskanova in west London in the late 1990s. Gardner was making music with Matt Cantor from The Freestylers, and Rous was DJing at and promoting the Passenger nights in Kings Cross.
Their first release together, "Plump Chunks/Electric Disco", came out on Finger Lickin' Records in 1999. When they released the "A Plump Night Out" album - basically a live DJ mix featuring their own original music - they really began to achieve international notoriety.
The Plump DJs were asked by dance music culture magazine Mixmag to mix their February 2001 cover CD, which they called Elastic Breaks. Soon after, in May, they released a two-CD mix compilation called Urban Underground and in February 2003 they produced the eighth album in the FabricLive series for the acclaimed London venue.
Their artist album Eargasm was released in July 2003 and featured synthesizer pioneer Gary Numan and Lamb chanteuse Louise Rhodes. They began a quarterly residency at Fabric, running their own Eargasm nights at the London club, and secured placings in the DJ magazine Top 100 DJs list and won a multiple Breakspoll awards.
In 2008, they rebranded their Fabric night, calling it Headthrash after their latest album and opening up the music policy to other styles apart from breakbeat. Their DJ sets and productions began changing accordingly, and the four-deck live DJ show they developed allowed them to pull off more creative mixes in clubs and at festivals such as Coachella, Glastonbury, and Skolbeats.
In 2009, their contract ended with Finger Lickin' Records and they signed to release a double-CD post-breaks compilation on the Global Underground series. They released the "My Hi Tops" single on the Global Underground imprint, too.
In 2010, the Plump DJs began releasing material on new London-based label Grand Hotel. They have also become one of the label's new residents at events held at Fabric and Matter nightclubs. Their recent remixes have been more eclectic with artists such as Deadmau5, Dave Spoon, and the Stanton Warriors.

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