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 Pole Folder is a Belgian electronic musician and live club performer, based in Brussels. A former protégée of the highly respected British DJ John Digweed, Pole Folder entered the limelight in 2001 as a DJ and producer at the forefront of the European progressive house movement, and has since evolved into a multi-instrumentalist and live performer of melodic-driven techno, tech house and deep house.

His critically acclaimed music has been released on some of electronic music's most prestigious record labels including Global Underground and Renaissance, as well as on Bedrock Records, which put out his best sellers 'Apollo Vibes' (2001) and 'Dust' (2003). Both were co-produced alongside renowned Belgian DJ CP.
In 2003, Digweed commissioned Pole Folder's debut artist album 'Zero Gold', and two years later it was released to worldwide praise from the electronic music media, including Resident Advisor, who gave it a 4.5/5 and described it as "delicate atmospheric...musically rich...and one of those timeless pieces of music."
Several 'Zero Gold' tracks such as 'Faith In Me' with vocalist Kirsty Hawkshaw and 'Salvation On Slavery Sins' have featured on hit US TV shows including Nip/Tuck and CSI, and Pole Folder and CP's 'Apollo Vibes' was featured in the movie 'Stark Raving Mad', with 'Dust' used as the backing music for Channel 4's advertising campaign in the U.K..
Since 2003, Pole Folder has toured globally as a DJ and a live performer. His live shows aim to recreate the intricate and precise studio processes behind his music in a club environment, with synthesizers, mixing desks, FX boxes, laptops, and live vocalists fashioned by Pole Folder into a succinct club sound. He also plays guitar, synths, and trumpet, skills that he acquired during a long musical education that began at the age of 5.
In 2006, Pole Folder launched 'Destinations' on Frisky Radio, a show that was recorded live at various gigs worldwide. It garnered a huge following and led Frisky to ask Pole Folder to recreate this concept live in the studio for his first compilation, 'Destinations', which utilised both his regular Pioneer DJ set up, and a number of live instruments.
After a couple of label experiments (La Tour, 80Hz), Pole Folder launched his own record label Reworck in 2010. The imprint represents a new dawn for Pole Folder as an artist. With his sound having evolved into the more melodic fringes of techno, tech house, and deep house, and his gigs focused solely on live performances, Reworck embodies his new sound, his wealth of musical expertise, and passion for intense, soul-touching, dance music. The label's first track 'Motel', received strong support from tastemakers including Argentina's Hernan Cattaneo who put it at No.1 in his June 2010 DJ chart. The label's second release 'Sabor A Mi' by German producer Sven Jaeger, was named Best Minimal cut by Germany's Raveline magazine in September 2010.