Q DeRhino

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'Artistic Entity' 
Author  of the Novel 'True Ibiza Stories' 
Q is an Ibiza  Producer,  Singer/Songwriter, DJ & also a Public Speaker & Syndicated Radio Show Host of, 'Rise & Shine'  Broadcast weekly Around the world, from Ibiza Global Radio also broadcast on  Tracnid/iheart  Radio reaching 30 million unique listeners in the USA weekly.
Q hosts the Internet Tv Show 'True Ibiza Stories Video Podcast', and he is a Singer/Song-Writer/Producer,  Director Entrepreneur & Father.
He most Recently partnered in a Fashion/Merchandise  shop in Ibiza  with a new clothing brand on the Island called Ibiza Love Story, with a successful  summer season behind him and the online shop at www.ibizalovestory.com.
Look for new releases from  Q DeRHINO 
on SoulShift Music  in 2012 
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