Ryan O'Gorman

In ’99, a n-n-n-n-nineteen year old Ryan O Gorman arrived in Ibiza. Having just completed sound engineering studies at college in Northern Ireland he was in search of something radically different; Ibiza was an easy choice for a young lad with a box of records and a penchant for a party... In the decade that passed he established some of Ibiza’s finest alternative/pirate radio stations, he organized some of the Islands most memorable outdoor free parties and has constantly pioneered new music through his various creations, most notably Electricsex, Vitalik and most recently Burlington Project and Vitalik Recordings. Be it radio or playing records, music production or throwing a party, he has shunned the path of convention in an effort to create something significant and different. The absence of any electronic or alternative radio precipitated his first radio station in Ibiza, the departure of the full moon parties in the late noughties brought about the notorious Cave Raves and the complete void of good music in San Antonio brought about Electricsex at Eden. The latter ran from midnight until noon the following day. In its first year Ryan regularly played the full 12 hours alone. Many prestigious guests have graced the decks since then, their line-ups being some of the most forward thinking and diverse in Ibiza. Electricsex made an electronic sound that was alien to many people at the time accessible by virtue of Ryan and Andy Gs (Electricsex dj partner and then resident at Bora Bora) experience of making people dance on a daily basis; an ability that every hard working resident Ibiza dj should possess. Vitalik on the other hand was an extension of the free parties Ryan threw with Joe Upton (founding member of NastyDirtySexMusic) and was more deeply rooted. ‘We Love…’ with their intuitive knowledge for a good thing, invited the pair to take over the Redbox at Space in ’06. They were sufficiently impressed to invite them back to host the cavernous discotheque of Space the following year, these parties were huge but fell victim to Ibiza’s new licensing laws in 2008. Over the years of throwing parties and playing music, the resulting osmosis gave birth to the Burlington Project in 2008. This being the Casio backed online music magazine which Ryan developed and runs as a website, and tours as a musical/event concept. A recent return to production will see a number of releases scheduled for release on Glass Table, Hypercolour and his own imprint Vitalik Recordings under various secret aliases. Summer 2010 Ryan will be hosting the Redbox with Burlington Project weekly for ‘We Love...’ Space, you can also catch him on his weekly show on Ibiza Sonica FM as well as various secret after hours and clandestine parties.