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DJ Slon (“an elephant” in Russian), also known by his mother as Oleg Azelitski, hails from St. Petersburg and was born in 1970. He’s one of the pioneers on Russian techno scene, a true presence of underground, since the times of late USSR. In the end of 80s, Slon was one of the hipsters. He started DJ’ing in 1993 with acid, hard-techno and trance. Year after, he earned a residency at the brand new electronic music club Tunnel, and is still resident at this now legendary club, also being an art-director/promoter at different periods of time.

DJ Slon formed the “Underground Experinece” promo-group in 1994, influenced by well-known Detroit techno movement. Through the years, different artists gathered under this flag, united with the love of bringing music to the people, and made unique and bright parties. And so new music became open to the masses. Two years after his DJ’ing start, Oleg tried making music by himself. His project “Zhutky Lazer” (Horrible Lazer) was one of the first techno-electro projects in St. Petersburg and Russia, and has inspired many artists. Today Slon has another project – Mass Fatality. In 1998, by efforts of two labels – Underground Experience and Perforated one of the first techno-records in Russia was released, with DJ Slon’s tracks of course.

As a DJ, and being a personification of Russian techno culture in his career, he has played at many festivals and clubs around Europe – Love Parade (Berlin, 1998), Club Lux (Finnland, 1999), PutInOut (Vienna, 2001), Ultraschall (Munchen, 2001), Koniesto Festival (Helsinki, 2002), Tresor (Berlin, 2003), and others. As a DJ, he’s a passionate music-lover, experimentator and enthusiast, his sets are full of energy and temper, and perfectly combine all styles of techno.