Smash HiFi

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SMASH HI-FI is the story of LEEROY and MARTEN... 2 friends doing what they love the most, making music!
The story gets interesting when you hear who these guys actually are.
LEEROY THORNHILL spent more than half of his life as part of the most influential electronic music band in the world…....the Prodigy!
After leaving the band to focus on his solo career he started to look for new, exciting and fresh sounds he then opened his own label Electric Tastebuds (nominated for best new label at the prestigious Breakspoll awards) and continued travelling the world, but this time as a DJ.
And on his travels he found MARTEN HØRGER, a full-on DJ and Production enthusiast who, just like Leeroy, had been making records with many different projects, travelled the world with his record bag, and had been hailed as the future of breakbeat by no other than the UK´s DJ Magazine.
Ever since the boys have been locked away in their German studio, working on their album (to be released in 2012) and once in a while releasing killer remixes for the likes of Westbam, Victory Pill and Micky Finn.
Buzzing with the sound of Breaks, Dubstep, Electro, Hip Hop and everything in between – 2011 has seen the boys busier than ever before, touring round the festivals and clubs in Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain, Russia, England and the Ukraine.......... Pumping out genre mashing four hour DJ sets and celebrating every single night like no one else……..
Why? Because they love it!