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Spektre have been unleashing their dirty live sets in clubs up and down the country, casting their spell on thousands. With their insatiable energy for touring, 2008 sees their unique sound reaching the shores of South America, Russia & Ukraine, with a album showcase performance at this summers Glade Festival, there is no doubt this year will be as full of the same hectic gig schedule as the last. Expect to witness their undefined sets storming through clubland and expect to walk away breathless!

To catch their recent releases, look out for "Tempest" and "88 mph" as well as remixes on "Tomographie" by Andre Crom and "Black Box" from Jim Rivers. Future hits include track "The Ride" (Suruba Records), "Pacemaker" (Rotary Cocktail) and "On a Roll" (Very Very Wrong Indeed) plus an incredible remix of "Two Em" - Manjala reached no3 in the beatport minimal charts. The boys have also been working their magic on remixes of "The Arrival" by Zoo Brazil, "24 Bit Bleep" from Digital Filth.

An exciting future lies ahead for Spektre with their debut album released to Tim Sheridans VVVWI recordings, pushing them out onto that minimal edge even further. Alongside a demanding release schedule on several different labels, one thing is certain, this year Spektre can do no wrong.