Stathis Lazarides

Stathis Lazarides has the musical ethos and mentality of an artist who finds it impossible to compromise with trends and to specify genres when in the studio or at the DJ booth. Music has been his foremost priority for 20 years and the concept of sitting down to compose in his studio without a specific plan,mainly working on impulse, is for him the building block of underground music.

Stathis has started his journey into the amazing world of dance music at the tender age of 17.The setting was a small pub in his native country, Greece, but the impact to his life was massive.

After spending some time Djing on various Greek Islands and enjoying a residency at the legendary Kinky Bambolina club in Thessalonica, he moves to London to study sound engineering and gets his first taste of an illegal rave in the middle of a field in Bedfordshire (many-many more followed)!
After finishing successfully his studies, starts his own record labels, Funktastique records and Bailado Music, and enjoys a string of releases, favored by dj’s like Sasha,James Zabiela, Seb Fontaine, Steve Lawler, John Digweed and radio stations including BBC Radio 1 and Kiss fm.
Around the same time, he begins his residency at the world famous club Cavo Paradiso, in Mykonos, Greece (where he is the resident dj since 2000), and gets regular appearances at the Ministry of sound,Turnmills,Egg,Soulsonic clubs in London.

Soon after, he gets noticed by labels like Azuli(Stathis L-Spaceman),Harlem,Steve Lawler’s label(Deep Impakt-Shroomz) and Blackwiz,Sandy Rivera’s label(Stathis L-Music 4 Girls) and start remixing projects for Phonetic(Skahana-St Tropez),Blackwiz (Suroh-Sentimentos),Wallop(Smash-Damaged),Urbantorque(Relation-In Minuscule).

Stathis L. appearance in the club culture saw him playing with many of the worlds influential Djs, such as Carl Cox, Danny Tenaglia, John Digweed, Laurent Garnier, Little Louie Vega, Felix Da Housecat, Harry Choo Choo Romero, Sandy Rivera, Pete Tong, Steve Lawler,Sven Vath,Matthias Tamzmann,Loco Dice,Marco Carola,Raresh and many more. His sympathy for the audience and his ‘music has no borders’ attitude made him abuse different stages around the world.

His latest projects include a collaboration with Cecile and Area Remote artist Alex Celler,going with the name Steller.
First release will come out on Soweso records later in the year, with a remix from Johhny D.

Stathis has also been the driving musical force behind the rhythmatic moniker,a party that has gatecrashed into the London scene 2 years ago and has a impressive roster of guest appearences such as Gregor Tresher,Spencer Parker,Kreon,Lemos,Kabale Und Liebe,Fabio Giannelli to name a few....... Stathis has regarded his residency at Rhythmatic as important as the one at Cavo Paradiso and the future holds exciting new projects for the party not only in London but also on the international scene.

It is impossible to define his music style in a few concise words. Deep evolution? Funky sentiments? Dirty intentions? Atmospheric,non pretentious, quality underground music? Or a reflection to his emotions? His style obviously has a good presence of house and techno surrounded by a range of elements. But imagine what would happen if several people were asked to describe a very large and complex object that they don’t see, but could only feel. In this case the object seems to be music!