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Stavroz began as a duo from Belgium, both IJsbrand and Gert had an ambitious streak and a talent for music making. The perfect combination of ambition and musical talent brought the like minded DJ’s and sound engineers together and so Stavroz was created.

The DJs first began the duo, Stavroz, in Belgium in the year 2011. After getting their foot in the door in the Belgium electronic music scene, the duo added two more artists to the group, Maxim and Pietor, who joined them for live shows and in the recording studio.

Their first EP, “The Ginning”, gained recognition from the critically acclaimed “Hype Machine” - a blogging website which introduces the latest and best music. This gave them international acknowledgement from the best names in the industry. The EP was chosen as the must have vinyl of the month by the German “Faze magazine” and back in their home country the electronic music group were nominated in Belgium’s music category for Best Breakthrough Artist, winning second place.

It is Stavroz ethnic, original and acoustic sounds combined with their intimate and unique DJ sets which makes the group popular and in turn lead them to an international audience and fanbase. Their latest release, “Talabout”, is spreading throughout the electronic music scene and their fanbase is looking forward to what the talented group brings them next.