Steve Mulder

Steve Mulder was born in Haarlem, the Netherlands. As a young kid he got an old record player from his grandfather and he would listen to his parents records such as Barry White, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and many other soul legends. Thats where his love for music and especially soul music has come from. He's always been a listener of the Ferry Maat Soul Show and he still does till this day. Both soul music and the Soul Show are big influences to him.

He started to get interested in mixing when he first heard Ben Liebrands Minimixes in the Curry & van Inkel radio show and later the unequalled yearly mastermix show: the Grandmix. He first started to mix himself with a regular turntable and a cd-player, sort out tracks with the same bpm and mix them together. He discovered house music in the late 80's and immediately loved the sound of it. He bought his first turntables in the mid 90s and started to mix his own funky disco house tapes.

In 1996 he had heard Carl Cox for the first time on a local radio show in Amsterdam, and discovered that that was the musical style for him that he could identify with. For him it was the perfect combination of house and techno. Till this day Carl is a mayor influence on him.

Soon he had got his first gig in a local club in the middle of the Netherlands, and did many more afterwards. In 2003 he moved back to Haarlem and he was asked to become a resident at Club Delirium, and host his own club-night on every first Friday of the month called Technation where he invites national and international djs such as: Michel de Hey, Laidback Luke, Joel Mull, Benny Rodrigues, Montana, Bart Skils, Shinedoe and many more. In 2005 he won the Dutch Techno dj contest in Amsterdam where he was selected from more than 40 people, and in the final he was the best of 6 djs.

On April 8th 2005 he won the Carl Cox Masterclass, and he got the chance to play with Carl. An amazing moment.. The whole event was broadcasted on Dutch tv and internet and was supported by Radio 538. He was invited by Carl to play at Dance Valley 2005. On April 9th 2005 he appeard in the leading Dutch dance radio show "Van Diepens Dance Department" and gave an interview to Wessel van Diepen. Later that night Carl played a track (Ride On, available on Fuck Babe Records) from Steve at Carl Cox & Friends, and it was one of his favorite tracks at Space Ibiza 2005.

Over the years Steve Mulder played with many great dj's like Carl Cox, Billy Nasty, Michel de Hey, Heiko Laux, Joel Mull, Dave Carke, Alexander Koning, Benny Rodrigues, and many others.

For a few years he's producing his own tracks now, and his style of producing is house to soulful funky techno. His first release "Ride On" is out now on Fuck Babe Records from Alexander Koning with a Andy Slate remix, was sold out in two weeks and was on the playlist of Carl Cox, Monica Kruse, Danny Howells, Steve Lawler, Miss Monica, Benny Rodrigues, Laidback Luke and many others around the globe.