Combo & Alf Tumble, aka Sumo or Bangana, have been producing together since 1999 . Over the years their work have resulted in almost 30 releases and just as many remixes. The Sumo-sound has developed from jazzy, deep house, via Afro-Latin, to their present sound of eclectic, dirty disco. Their second alias, Bangana, has always been an ouput for their late-night house ambitions, and the productions are more tracks than songs. The buzz around their own music has opened up opportunities for several side projects such as live performances, remixes, writing and producing for other artists, creating music for fashion shows etc. In addition to that they travel the world as djs and co-run their two year old music & food label Heya Hi'. As you might guess, the common denominator that keeps it all togehter, is a pure, big passion for spreading quality music.


1999. Combo and Alf meet during a recording session. Sharing the same view on dance music they decide to start working together. Their ?rst production is a remix of Taxi's "Living on the wire" on the German label Infracom. It's released under the moniker Tumble & Combo.

2000. The guys split up; Combo moves to New York and Alf heads for London. Seven months later, back in Stockholm they decide to pick up where they left things. The result is signed to the NYC-label Trackmode. The name of the record is "S.U.M.O. EP1" and from that moment Sumo is of?cial.

2001. Sumo team up with Los Angeles based label Seasons. This is the beginning of a long relationship which will result in numerous EP's and the album "S.U.M.O. Workout". Sumo move to their ?rst own studio which they call HEYA (Japanese for the house where sumos live, eat and practice).

2002. Inspired by Alf's success as a dj, Combo joins the game himself. Sumo get their ?rst big hit, "Wintersong", feat. Karime Kendra, released on the French label Africanism/Yellow. During the spring of 2002 the guys put together a live act called SUMO SESSIONS. With Alf on the decks, Combo on the saxophone, their favourite percussionist Thomas Eby (who you can hear on many of their productions) and the multi talanted Rasmus Faber on keys they tour all over Scandinavia.

2003. Sumo go on a two weeks long dj-tour in the States. This years edition of SUMO SESSIONS features the Ugandan singer and bassplayer Sammy Kasule. The latin explosion "Samba Consumo" feat. Simone Moreno reaches the number 1 spot in DJ Magazine's Hype Chart. Sumo receive two awards at the Scandinavian Music Conference, one for best act/artist and one for best 12" (Wintersong).

2004. Sumo go on their second dj-tour in the States ending up at WMC in Miami, where one of the hottest tunes is Sumo's own "Supra Sumo". It reaches nr 1 at DJ-Mags Hype Chart later in the spring. They also take their live project to London (UK) and give a performance at the Trans Europe Express Festival. In time for the fall the boys shut the door to Heya Studios and start working on a remix album.

2005. Combo & Alf put a lot of effort in the launch of their label Heya Hi?. The ?rst release is a collection of Sumo's most wanted remixes, called "Rebounces", and is released together with two vinyl samplers. Strengthened by the succes they start working on the album "The Danceband" during the fall. Just before Christmas, burglars break into HEYA and steal, among other things, a computer holding material to "The Danceband". The day before Christmas Sumo start working on their album for the second time.

2006. Early in the spring, Sumo get their third Hype Chart winner with the single "Nini" feat. Clarisse Muvemba. It gets heavy airplay and ends up on various compilations. In May their album ?nally sees the light of the day. The critics love it, and it is later rewarded with a Swedish Grammy nomination, as well as a Swedish National Radio Award nomination. The last single from the album, "Lovebeat" feat. Clarisse Muvemba, gets nominated to Gilles Peterson's World Wide Awards. During this year Sumo start producing at night. The outcome from these sessions goes under the name BANGANA - a bit darker, more tracky and late night oriented. As a great ?nish of
2007 Sumo go on their ?rst Asia Tour.