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TOI was born and raised in the beautiful town Pleven.
He lives in Sofia, where his passion for electronic music is growing and has a reason.

Curious and talented, TOI enters the underground through a selection of intriguing tracks, and the vibrant colors of his deep cool micro house, they sound in increasingly interesting locations, with an increasingly smiling audience. As a natural extension of the thousands of hours of musical trance, his first solo track is heard in 2010. TOI distinguishes and forms personal style as part of the underground flow of the house scene in Bulgaria. Playing side by side with the most talented Bulgarian artists, TOI enters  in minimal collaboration with another underground artist – Vescou.

Combined with a love of music and high vibration sharing, they sound under the common nickname "Pruskalo Ensämble". They create, exchange ideas, launch parties, festivals, open airs, with names such as: Laylla Dane, Cristi Cons, Sammy Dee, Siciu, BRYZ, Audiofly, Alexandar Kyosev, Anton Pau, Gentle Dub and many more. The guys at Pruskalo Ensämble are intent and the songs they produce, have deep basses that create melodic atmospheres and catchy heights, cool a? ...
And each one of them has a soul!

Release their music for labels like Caph and Atlast. With each successive party the thrill intensifies, support also, the Bulgarian underground community grows and their music reaches new boundaries!

TOI is recruiting and reconstructing familiar sounding tracks and masterfully arranging them in well-played sets. It is a joy that talented young Bulgarian artists are uniting with ever more interesting collaborative projects, develop what we love, enjoy people - the stage grows and we do!

Toi is part of the cultural idea, a project for the development and expansion of the underground minimal scene in Bulgaria, bearing the name EPOCH - by underground artists for underground artists. EPOCH is an idea - a series of party events with different locations, giving the field of expression to the "underground" musicians, where the new tracks are  allways well coming, and dance with a wide smile, where we are always happy to be!

After meeting TOI, we realize that music is capable of building, nurturing and developing love, perseverance, attitude and one lightness in the soul, if you respond with the same. Thanks to her, you can reinvent yourself, beyond the variations of familiar music forms.

Colorful and deep dance sound, is capable of stirring you up without even knowing how it came about. Toi is a rare gem in the Bulgarian underground minimal scene that definitely deserves attention.