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Washington D.C (USA)

Apr. 2, 2020
DJ Set

Bulla (boo-jyah) translated to ‘noise’, is a dynamic duo from Washington D.C. composed of Peruvian born DJ Martin Ramos and local DJ Matthew Zipper. Like a sound wave has many different frequencies, Bulla takes their inspiration from all around the globe to play a range of harmonious notes from tribal, house, techno, melodic, and minimal to build a full spectrum of noise to take their audience on a spiritually awakening journey. Bulla’s innovative and sentimental connection with the crowd will cultivate your love for their infectious beats. After visiting many countries and chasing DJs from all over the world, they came to realize their collective and diverse range in music should be shared. In their early career, they have played shows at the legendary club Flash, El Techo, Tokyo Pearl and plan on reaching NYC, Philly and the West Coast in the near future.


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