Liveset #366 - Worakls (Live)

DJ Mix #366

11 Mar. 2015
Born in 1989, Worakls, who is in reality Kevin Rodrigues, is a French DJ coming from Paris. He began to play music at 3 years old on piano, he had some bands in different music styles (rock, hard rock, bossa nova) during his teenage years. He began to produce electronic music when he was 18 years old.

His encounter with Eric Prydz lead him to be a DJ. "This is him, or else his music, who make me understand that electronic music can be a very elaborate style and overall more than a punchbag". He stopped his studies completely, and worked relentlessly on music, that could amount to more than 15 hours per day. He began to gain recognition with his first EP "Unity", and he was referred to by Umek as one of the best newcomers in 2009 of the minimalist techno scene.

He launched the label "Hungry Music" with his mates N’to & Joachim Pator in February 2014 so the story is just starting...